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IPL may not keen to sign Oz players

IPL may not keen to sign Oz players
The outcome of Australian Team too adamant to fight the case of Andrew Symonds racial slur by Bhajji will have its tolls in relation to India and Australia future game itinerary. Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Andrew Symonds Mike Hussey, Michael Clarke put in expressions of interest for the league, for their earning anything between USD 300,000 and USD 500,000. BCCI vice-president Lalit Modi has warned Australian may have more “casualties” when IPL franchise owners start recruiting players as the world champions’ reputation has taken a severe beating in the ugly episode in Sydney.

Modi said Australian cricketers’ popularity has gone down “dramatically” in India and that has made franchise owners a bit apprehensive about having them on board.

“We sincerely hope there is no impact on their involvement in the IPL. It will be for the team owners to decide. But there definitely will be some casualties from the feedback we are getting,” Modi told a leading Australian daily.

“Other nations who we play less with currently want to increase the number of matches we play with them,” Modi said.

“We will need to balance this in the Future Tours Program. We cannot increase the number of games India plays in total. So we will have to play less with some and more with others,” he added.
Modi, however, maintained that the BCCI would abide by ICC regulations and rubbished suggestions that the Indian Board was flexing its financial muscle to get things done.

“No one country can run the game. We have to all collectively run the game. Unlike in the past, the future for cricket will be best served if all have a voice,” he said.

“(The BCCI) definitely respects the ICC. It has a big role to play and will continue to be good for the game,” he added.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Former Indonesian President Suharto dead

"Father has returned to God," Suharto"s eldest daughter, Siti Hariyanti “Tutut" Rukmana, told reporters breaking down in tears. “We ask that if he had any faults, please forgive them…may he be absolved of all his mistakes," she said.
Officials said Suharto"s body Monday would be taken to Solo for the funeral.

His rule, however, led to political purges and the deaths of millions of suspected communists both Chinese-Indonesians, and his enaction of making law outlawing communist parties and ethnic Chinese created stir.The efforts to bring former President Suharto to justice for alleged human rights atrocities in East Timor,Aceh and Papua , have also been stymied by a lack of evidence.He invaded East Timor in 1975.His troops killed 300,00 in military operation against independence movements in papua,Aceh and east timor.Historians say up to 800 000 communist sympathizers were killed in his rise from 1065-65.

Suharto was born Raden Suharto on June 8, 1921 in Kemusu Argamulja, Java, Indonesia.Young man Suharto in the World War II,Japanese forces occupied Indonesia and then part of the Dutch EastIndies empire. The young Suharto was trained by a Japanese-created militia.

During the year 1945, incumbent president Sukarno declared independence from the Netherlands, sparking a bloody anti-colonial struggle in which Suharto played a leading role.The Netherlands finally handed over sovereignty four years later. Unlike the flamboyant Sukarno the country's first president.Impoverished Suharto was not charismatic or aristocratic who has seen life's misery from his childhood.
Many legislators struggled to stay awake during Suharto"s long speeches.

Indonesian government has declared a national week of mourning and national flag red-and white at half mast during this period.

PRESIDENT OF Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his personal sympathy and of government and all citizens in his national address.He visited Suharto"s residence late afternoon on Sunday in the central Jakarta suburb of Menteng to pay their last respect along with thousand Indonesian gathered to pay respect.

A National week of Mourning in Indonesia. Funeral services will commence on Monday.Suharto is survived by six children.

Suharto former Dictator died on Sunday in Jakarta of multiple organ failure. He was 86. Suharto seized power from his predecessor, the Sukarno first president of Indonesia through a mixture of force and political maneuvering against the backdrop of foreign and domestic unrest.

His in weld ability to maintain stability and an anti communist avowedly stance won him the economic and diplomatic support of several Western governments in the era of the cold war. His three-decade rule, Indonesia experienced significant development economical and industry to flourished.

His rule, however, led to political purges and the deaths of millions of suspected communists both Chinese-Indonesians, and his making law outlawing communist parties and ethnic Chinese created stir.

Muhamad Suharto died at about 1:10 p.m. (0610 GMT) at Pertamina Hospital in Jakarta. His family members were were present at his bedside when the former strongman died.
Suharto died following a prolonged illness.

Suharto, who had lapsed into a coma after more than three weeks in hospital, had suffered multiple organ failure. Suharto was admitted to the hospital in critical condition on January 4 with anemia and a low heart rate.

Suharto's almost unquestioned authority over Indonesian affairs slipped dramatically when the South Asian financial crisis blew and the Asian Tigers Indonesians" economy touch new low with their standards of living dipping. These were the reasons to fractured his support among the nation"s military, political and civil society institutions. After internal unrest, diplomatic isolation began to drain his support in the mid-to-late 1990s, Suharto was forced to resign from the presidency in May 1998 following student"s mass demonstration. President with serving the nation with the public face of Indonesia for over 30 years, Suharto lived his post-presidential years in near seclusion. His opponents making an attempts to try him on charges of virtual genocide failed due to his failing health. Suharto legacy is hotly debated and contested both in Indonesia and abroad.

Suharto was President of Indonesia from 1967 until his resignation in 1998. He steered Indonesia through a period of economic improvement, was staunchly anti-Communist and drew his country closer to the West.

Suharto was accused of being one of the 20th century’s worst kleptocrats by amassing billions of dollars for himself, his family and cronies while in power.
A criminal trial against him was abandoned on health grounds, though a civil suit is currently being heard.

The government is seeking 1.4 billion dollars in damages and returned assets allegedly accrued through a charitable foundation Suharto chaired while in power.

A former general, he stepped down under immense political pressure following widespread student demonstrations and rioting. Since then he was seldom seen in public due to several strokes, which had affected his speech and brain function, as well as giving him grounds to avoid appearing in court. Human rights groups accused Suharto of killing hundreds of thousands of people, including up to 500,000 alleged communist sympathizers, in the aftermath of a failed coup attempt that help him rise to power in 1965.

Friday, January 25, 2008

What is consciousness

religion, consciousness
Naresh kumar sagar

The consciousness is the feature of mind, when our mind sees that object then its consciousness is reflected in its objects and the saying goes on SENSES is higher than the OBJECTS.similarly when sensuous subjects are in action we say senses are superior to the dull matters,when we explore beyond sense we look up to mind and there we call mind is higher than the senses. The higher mind which is inclusive of intellect,intuitive and premonition quality is higher than the lower mind .The divinity within yourself which act as observer an finite of infinite within you is higher than this higher mind.
The medium in which these above texts are either seen,observed or experience is a level of your consciousness. It has been said that the mind works for 2 to 3% of its efficient level well the explanation goes that while we live in two dimensional world how can we see beyond 2-3 dimensional aspects of the world.
The sages further says as you have to grow spiritually your minds and your consciousness should grow in further level with your grosser and finally your subtler body. The growth of your spiritualism in this stance and your practice increases one consciousness and some great ones have suggested awareness higher than consciousness because of unconsciousness a different from consciousness as therefore awareness total consciousness,to which I personally feel that unconsciousness is total consciousness as Rrshi Patanjali explain that when the SEED of your SEEDLESS character does not bother you then you are close to be Great YOGI who is just part of infinite one.
It sounds system and levels of multi dimension can be visualized and cosmos is infinite dimensions, aspect to which the human mind finds it in chaotic form.
The consciousness is different mediums under different dimensions and the power of the power which held us to experience the most powerful. What is consciousness is being understood as chemical,electromagnetic, or electrical effect which either originates from mind not from brain.
Friends why not term the atomic effect in our body creates it.Very simple.Neurons in our body keeps the physical,mental ,emotional body fit.But consciousness when mingles with earth consciousness bring more rapid change to sustain. Consciousness origin and its definition has lots of debate points to be cleared .Scientist are agreeing that there is a consciousness which is different from life principle which makes us see the subject in right perspective.However some attributes this quality to the electric effect created in our body with mind not by brain or it can be due to the Electromagnetic effect.This has been been realized that individual consciousness and universal consciousness has varied wavelength too which level the self consciousness try to achieve is our evolution as this has been explained by various sages in their letter and spirit.

The deep down -inner voice -primordial energy present in us to be listen very carefully ,hearing to the holy voice is possible only in pure consciousness.
Unless the consciousness is clear,pure no experience can be achieved,the spiritual growth in the beings are not possible.

The self consciousness to which we want to understand is not simple on energy mingling or acting or reacting in our physical body or an aura but it is also with the spirit or soul of the self which makes it more beautiful,thus the meditation brings the desired effect to enhance our conscious level.Here is an atomic relation between the atomic energy created in our body or in our aura makes compliment or supplement relation which makes change in our mental,physical or emotional level.Evolution is transcending your mind to higher level .

This is the explanation which come to me as deep thought on this subject.Please send your further comments to redo the thinking on this subject

There is no compulsory, mechanical evolution.
Evolution is the result of conscious struggle.

The evolution of man is the evolution of his consciousness, and 'consciousness' cannot evolve unconsciously.
The evolution of man is the evolution of his will, and 'will' cannot evolve involuntarily.
The evolution of man is the evolution of his power of doing, and 'doing' cannot be the result of things which 'happen'.

'Progress' and 'Civilization', in the real meaning of these words, can appear only as a result of conscious efforts. They cannot appear as the result of unconscious mechanical actions.

Of the desires expressed
the one which is most right
is the desire to be 'master of oneself',
because without this nothing else is possible.

Everything is dependent on everything else,
everything is connected, nothing is separate.
Therefore everything is going in the only way it can go.
If people were different everything would be different.
They are what they are, so everything is as it is.

The evolution of man can be taken as the development in him of those powers and possibilities which never develop by themselves, that is, mechanically.
Only this kind of development, only this kind of growth, marks the real evolution of man.
There is, and there can be, no other kind of evolution whatever.

Imagine that we are sitting here talking of religions and that the maid Masha hears our conversation. She, of course, understands it in her own way and she repeats what she has understood to the porter Ivan. The porter Ivan again understands it in his own way and he repeats what he has understood to the coachman Peter next door. The coachman Peter goes to the country and recounts in the village what the gentry talk about in town. Do you think that what he recounts will at all resemble what we said? This is precisely the relation between existing religions and that which was their basis. You get teachings, traditions, prayers, rites, not at fifth but at twenty-fifth hand, and, of course, almost everything has been distorted beyond recognition and everything essential forgotten long ago.

http://www.deeshan.com/gurdjieff.htm . http://www.godulike.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=859&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=90

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