Saturday, November 27, 2010

IPA announced the Polo Indian national team

Nksagar-Sagar Media Inc :The national selection committee of the Indian Polo Association (IPA) announced the Polo Indian national team for the upcoming match with South Africa. The match between India and South Africa which is scheduled to take place on 28th of Nov,in Jaipur Polo Ground is the only international match of 2010. The Indian team consists of Col Tarun Sirohi (team Captain), Capt Vishal Chauhan +2, Major Ravi Rathore +3, Mr. Samir Suhag +5, Mr. Gaurav Sahgal +2( Reserve) and Lt Col Navjit Sandhu+4 (Reserve). International Polo Group (IPG) played an active role in organising the match. IPG bought the rights of the Indian national team and got the rights to organise a polo match from the Indian Polo Association. IPG worked upon necessary arrangements and ensured that the upcoming match between India and South Africa is played at the world cup level. Considering that the World Cup will be played next year and India is in the same group of South Africa, the forthcoming match will be a very good exposure for the national team. The 14 goal test match will be played in five chukkas. Each chukka will be of seven minutes. After the fourth chukka the first bugle will be blown and the game will further continue for another 30 seconds when the second bugle will be blown unless within those 30 seconds the ball goes out of play or touches the side boards, which is when the game comes to a halt. Each chukka will begin from where the ball was left at the end of previous chukka. There is a break of 3 minutes between chukkas and 5 minutes at half time. Speaking on the occasion Lt Gen Chetinder Singh, Vice President, Indian Polo Association said, “We are very happy to announce the Indian National team for the forthcoming international test match with South Africa. This was a significant occasion since the National team will be playing for the first time in front of home crowd in last three years.” International Polo Group played a significant role in organising this match. Rao Himmat Singh of Bedla, Managing Partner, International Polo Group, said, “In spite of the fact that India is the land where modern Polo originated, ‘The Game of Kings’ is struggling for its recognition in India. The South African team was also present in the press conference. South African team are Mr. Campbell Quentin Macnab, Mr. Markbluett Davies, Mr. Michael William Osborn, Mr. Bradley Michael Macgibbon (captain) and Mr. Terence Keith Spilsbury.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Three days Chandigarh Carnival begins Friday

Chandigarh Carnival go for nonstop entertainment games, rides, exhibitions, competitions, food, drinks and happiness begins today in a colorful parade, the whole city in festive spirit to have fun on this weekend with the carnival parade. Decked up with floats and colorful tableau's on the theme Science fiction, the parade will go around the city.In Chandigarh Carnival the participation from around 40 exhibitors who will conduct workshops, competition, games, live demonstrations for kids, youngsters and adults. The Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi will Organizes ‘On the Spot Photography Competition’ as part of Chandigarh Carnival on 26, 27 and 28 November 2010 Competition will be open to persons of all nationalities above ten years of age:The theme of the competition is Glimpses of Chandigarh Carnival 2010.Entry forms would be available at Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi stall. The winners will be felicitated with cash prizes. 1st Prize will carry an amount Rs. 5000/- whereas winner of second Prize will be given Rs. 3000/- and third Prize Rs. 2000/- respectively. In addition to this Souvenir of renowned artists’ art works will also be available.

Art Quiz will be held daily at the venue with Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academi is also putting up its stalls lots of activities will be organized by the Akedemi. Various performing art competition will be held like Dance competition (on both categories Indian and western), Music competition (Filmy and non filmy songs), mono acting and mimicry contest. All the competition will be held on the spot and winners will be awarded cash prize. Chandigarh Sahitya Kala Academi will be holding sher o shayari contest on Nocvv26 and27 at 4 pm on the mini stage and a quiz on the theme Science on Nov27 at 10.30 am S Chandra Bhattacharya, a renowned cartoonist will also be a part of this carnival. He will hold workshop on the evolution of the city beautiful in the form of cartooning. He will also give live demonstration and hold workshop to learn cartooning. In addition to this cartooning contest will also be organized by him. CEVA and the “Friends of Children” will put their act together once again. This time in the form of “SOCHO” – the thinking mela. “SOCHO – The thinking mela” has been conceptualized as a free, non-competitive ‘play space’, a congenial ‘learning environment’ for exploring different concepts and phenomenon through fun and games. Puzzles and science games to tickle the mind. Amazing science; mathemania. And origami; jewellery making; puppets; stories; Story-theatre with a Rajasthani Phar; kabaar se jugaar; pottery etc will be a part of this stall.

Famous comedian and actor Jaspal Bhatti will have his stall titled Scam search Centre .He and his team will perform Hilarious acts on the prevalent scams and how one can detect scam by Scientific method and technology.

MCM College will be holding various activities on all three days. The youngsters and adults can throng to participate in various activities like flower making workshop, short film contest, photo exhibition, print media advertisement contest, herbal products workshop, nail art, Mehandi, tattoo making, Skit on reality show, mind games, illusionary games, personality tests, handwriting analysis, fun games, know your food contest , yummy mummy contest, Body mass index checkups, games with name food funda, food adulterant testing, water testing and many other games. The winners will be felicitated with attractive prizes.

During the day activities local artists will be giving singing and dance performances at the mini stage in the village. Around 150 artists of NZCC, festive feasting and artistic creative activities will enhance the beauty of the show State Legal Authority will stage a Street Play – “Sadak Hamare Baap Ki” by the theatre - The play is written and directed by Mr. Rajiv Mehta To promote UT as a destination of cinematic tourism, a film city is also set up by ITFT, with special emphasis on 3-d animation and science fiction has been created.

The Carnival will also have a special food court by CITCO da Vehra, The food courts of CITCO and Haryana Tourism will offer traditional dishes to be enjoyed in the equally conventional atmosphere with jute cots and cane chairs. At the same time food lovers can also binged upon CIHM hotel Beckons, and Institute of Hotel Management stalls to enjoy the sumptuous international cuisines. The Kid’s corner will have rides, games, tattoo making, floats, camel rides.

On 26th November, 2010 there will be a live performance by Bollywood Singer Suraj Jagan at 7pm at the Leisure Valley whereas item Girl Shefali Zariwala and Ambili will perform Live on 27th Nov 2010 at
7 pm. Comedian Kapil Sharma and renowned punjabi rapper Bohemia, king of Punjabi Rap will give a stunning performance on the concluding day of the Chandigarh Carnival i.e. on 28th Nov, 2010. All three days,
there will be Bollywood nites Passes of all musical nites are available at Tourist Information Centre Sector 17, CITCO office sector 17, tourism office sector 9 and Lake Cafeteria Sukhna Lake.

Passes of all musical nites are available at Tourist Information Centre Sector 17, CITCO office sector 17, tourism office sector 9 and Lake Cafeteria Sukhna.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

NDA Bihar govt to take oath on Friday

Nitish Kumar - We have no magic wand but people's trust
NDA Bihar govt to take oath on Friday
Nitish Kumar-led JD(U)-BJP alliance attained a three-fourth majority in Bihar on Wednesday, bagging 183 of the 243-Assembly seats while still leading in 23 places.
JD(U) on its own won 99 seats, while its electoral ally BJP snapped up 84 of the 141 and 102 seats, they contested respectively.Reducing the opposition to tatters, the NDA partners improved their performance considerably compared to the last elections in 2005, when they together won 143 seats.

The RJD-LJP alliance steered by Lalu Prasad and Ram Vilas Paswan ate humble pie and secured just 18 seats and was leading in ten other places. They had 64 seats last time.To add to RJD's humiliation, former chief minister and Prasad's wife Rabri Devi lost at Sonepur in Saran district to nearest BJP rival and was trailing in Raghopur.
The Congress suffered a major electoral setback as it won only four seats and was ahead in three compared to the nine seats it held in 2005. The CPI won one seat.
Reacting to the people's verdict, Kumar said, "We have no magic wand, but people's trust. I will need to work harder than I did in the last five years and I will not hesitate to do it. The outcome of the elections also proves beyond doubt that it was a victory for development and for the people of the state."

The poll verdict, he said, would disappoint those doing politics on the basis of caste and the outcome would mark a "new story" in Bihar and have effect outside the state."The trends are positive and reflects that those making false claims or promises will face the music," he said.Without naming RJD chief Lalu Prasad who had criticised the exit polls predicting victory for the NDA, Kumar said, "Media should not be criticised for its projection that NDA will pull off a landslide victory in Bihar."People should refrain from unnecessary criticism of the media .... if you live up to the people's aspirations and expectations you will definitely be rewarded," Kumar said."Now I feel that the people have thrust on my shoulder more responsibilities and I have to continue to make efforts with full dedication."

We have no magic wand, but people's trust: Nitish:Nitish Kumar on Wednesday termed the victory of his NDA-JD(U) alliance as a victory for development and pledge to work harder in his second innings.

"We have no magic wand, but people's trust. I will need to work harder than I did in the last five years and I will not hesitate," 59-year-old Kumar told a press conference in Patna.

The poll verdict, he said, would disappoint those doing politics on the basis of caste and the mandate would mark a "new story" in Bihar and have effect outside the state."The outcome of the elections also proves beyond doubt that it is a victory for development and for the people of the state," he said.

In a veiled attack on the RJD-LJP alliance and the Congress, Kumar said, "It is unfortunate that these people have not seen the writing on the wall. The trends are positive and reflects that those making false claims or promises will face the music."

Without naming RJD chief Lalu Prasad who had criticised the exit polls predicting victory for the NDA, Kumar said, "Media should not be criticised for its projection that NDA will pull off a landslide victory in Bihar."

"People should refrain from unnecessary criticism of the media .... if you live up to people's aspirations and expectations you will definitely be rewarded," Kumar said."Now I feel that the people have thrust on my shoulder more responsibilities and I have to continue to make efforts with full dedication."
Kumar noted that there has been massive improvement in the law and order situation in the state in the past five years of NDA rule.
Pointing out that there were only stray incidents of violence during the staggered polls spread over a month, he thanked the Election Commission for its efforts to ensure a fair and peaceful voting.Kumar said the Commission will definitely realise that there was a change in the law and order front in the state.
New Bihar govt to take oath on Friday The new government in Bihar will take oath on Friday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Wednesday.

"The new government will take oath at the historic Gandhi Maidan for the second term on Friday," said Kumar, whose JD(U)-BJP alliance retained power with a massive majority.The NDA legislature party will meet in Patna on Thursday to elect its leader, alliance sources said.
Before the NDA meeting, JD(U) and BJP MLAs will meet separately to elect their respective leaders in the House.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nitish Bihar Chief Again

JDU 195, RJD 32, CONG 7, Oth:9; 243/243
Congress makes magnanimous sstatement begins with a congratulatory message to Nitish Kumar for the development work that Bihar has seen under his leadership and ends with 'we will have to go back to the drawing board to see where we have gone wrong'.
Meanwhile in Parliament -- both houses adjourned for the 9th day in a row (expected with Yeddyurappa remaining as Karnataka CM), the JD(U)-BJP combine's landslide win in Bihar Assembly elections found an echo with some BJP members raising 'Jai Bihar' slogans.

Ravi Shankar Prasad All praise for Nitish Kumar says the JDU's development plank in partnership with the BJP, that has worked in Bihar,will now spread to the rest of India. JDU says Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will be invited for the swearing-in ceremony
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's official residence in Patna as he is set to return to power by a landslide. His beaming supporters, mostly from the Janata Dal-United, have been thronging his house since the morning to express their joy at his return as chief minister.

Truckloads of laddoos, hundreds of packets of sweets, and tonnes of flowers have been brought in by his admirers. "Laddoos will be distributed in the afternoon to mark Nitish Kumar's victory," a JD-U leader said.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Released Suu Kyi maiden speech post election

Nksagar-Sagar Media Inc:Aung San Suu Kyi today appearing in a moss-green eingyi and roses in her hair, the pro-democracy leader and beacon of hope for millions said: “I’ve always believed in national reconciliation.The world leaders and human rights groups across the world welcomed her release, not to mention her Burmese and international supporters worldwide.

( - After meeting party members and foreign diplomats, Suu Kyi then greeted the crowd, people chanted “We love Suu”, amid thunderous applause, the BBC reported.

She reiterated the call for unity that she made yesterday, telling the ecstatic crowds from the balcony of the office today: “Nothing can be achieved without the people’s participation. Without it, we can do nothing” she said.

“I want to work alongside the people. I don’t want to work alone. A one-woman show is not a democracy.”“I don’t hate the people who detained me.”In an allusion to the military regime that denied Suu Kyi freedom for so long, she showed her unique strength of character, stating to the crowd that she bore no resentment.“I have no personal grudge or hatred against anyone else. I believe in the rule of law. I place a high value on apology. My thanks go to thanks due,” Suu Kyi said.

She went on to thank her captors for treating her well, and asked them to do the same for the Burmese people. “Those who took my security [detail] treated me well. I would like to thank them well for their kind treatment. I think it would be better if they treated all the people well too.”
She also called for the further release of Burma’s 2,200 other prisoners who remain in jails or labour camps, many sent to prisons far from home, which makes family visits nearly impossible.

“I’d like to honour my colleagues and my colleagues from the democratic struggle who remain languishing in prisons. I wish their immediate release,” she said.

“We can achieve victory if, and only if, we work with courage and determination for what we want.”

Her speech appeared aimed at giving hope to the thousands of supporters who gathered to see and hear her as she spoke of a future Burma.

“I’ve always believed in national reconciliation. I’ve said time and again that I’ve worked by depending on the strength of the people. But that will be effective only when we can use this strength systematically. Please let me say to the people again: We cannot achieve victory by merely hoping for it. We can achieve victory if and only if we work with courage and determination for what we want. We also need to explore the best path to achieve victory too.”

“We demand our just rights.” A symbol of the fight for democracy and human rights worldwide, Suu Kyi cited the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, recognised the uphill struggle ahead, repeatedly stressed the theme of unity and urged the people to work together to achieve change in Burma.

“In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every paragraph starts with the word ‘everyone’. We must respect that concept. Everyone must fulfil their responsibilities and everyone must be duty-conscious. Only through following these principles will our country progress and develop. The people know well whether our country is progressing and developing. The blame game among us for not progressing is useless. I’d like to say please give us authority to do this job. I know well our people will not beg for this right. We demand our just rights.”

She ”delivered her first scheduled public address at National League for Democracy (NLD) headquarters in Bahan Township, Rangoon in her addressed thousands of supporters following her release from years of house arrest."I want to hear the voice of the people, after that we will decide what we want to do," she told a sea of followers outside her party headquarters. "I want to work with all democratic forces. I believe in human rights and I believe in the rule of law." The daughter of Burma’s independence hero carries a weight of expectation among supporters for a better future for the nation after almost half a century of military dictatorship.

Public marched in thousand on to congested roads to gather in front of the opposition party’s office, filling all space of pavement anywhere in the vicinity.The visible outpouring of support caused one Burmese in attendance to remark that the country’s generals miscalculated in releasing Suu Kyi so close to the election date, which was marred by transgressions and assessed to have merely provided fresh evidence to the Burmese electorate of the impending need for change.

Appearing slightly past 11 a.m. (local time), Daw Suu, as millions affectionately know her, addressed the enthusiastic crowd in a green shirt adorned with an off-yellow garland. She voiced her support for the Burmese people and thanked them in return for their support.

Towards the close of the gathering, which lasted well past the noon finish time originally announced, she displayed a placard reading “Aung San Suu Kyi loves the Burmese people.” Next to the text was a check mark, a clear slight to Burma’s military and their stage-managed general election held on November 7.

She would later inform a press conference, “I don’t believe in one party or one person dominating the government. That is not democracy.” The junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) has been announced to have captured over 80 per cent of available seats, benefitting from enormous structural advantages throughout the electoral process.

While the front and centre portions of those gathered remained relatively calm throughout Suu Kyi’s public address, the outlying viewing areas were the scene of a constant battle between those who turned out hoping to gain the best vantage point possible. According to one NLD senior member, as well as a youth member, they were surprised by how many turned out to witness the event, with the size of the crowd catching them unawares. Those who attended her last release in 2000 said the outpouring of interest this time surpassed that year’s.

Following the general speech, Suu Kyi held a press conference inside party headquarters. Dozens of foreign correspondents covered the event alongside scores of Burmese journalists, greatly testing the physical capacity of the venue.

The opposition leader appeared confident and spoke quickly in response to questions.

She told those gathered, “We [Burma] had elections in 1990, [and] at that time we won. And then now they [the ruling regime] try to make elections again. Why do they make another election? Elections are made according to independence and freedom of choosing as voters like … With this election, what were they thinking?”

Responding to a question about the founding principles and orientation of her movement, Daw Suu expressed: “I didn’t found the NLD as a party but as an organisation for change for the people of Burma. And as long as the people want change for Burma, this organisation … will continue to exist.”

She also lamented the country’s continuing trend to look to solve differences via military force, stipulating that it has never been her opinion that force can provide the requisite salve for Burma’s wounds.

Prior to greeting the general public, Suu Kyi held a closed-door meeting incorporating various members of the international diplomatic community.

According to ‘The Lady’ herself, her plans of public appearances in the days ahead as yet remain undetermined.
Media agencies
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U.S.-Korea Free Trade agreement fails to move ahead

U.S.-Korea Free Trade agreement has faltered after four days of deliberations: China and the United States manipulating their currencies with Federal Reserve's plans to pump $600 billion into the sluggish American economy.G20 see that move as a scheme to flood markets with dollars, driving down the value of the U.S. currency and giving American exporters an advantage are varied reasons thus giving a setback for the leaders of the two nations severe blow to efforts to ignite broader world trade talks. President Obama said – we have asked our teams to work tirelessly in the next days and weeks to get an agreement, and we are confident we will do so.White House officials said the discussions foundered over long-standing disagreements over U.S. access to the Korean beef and auto markets. Despite optimism from both sides as they began bargaining, domestic political concerns weighed heavily on the talks and ultimately appeared to have prevented the final compromises needed to secure an agreement.

Mr. Obama said he didn't - want months to pass before we get this done. We want it to be done in a matter of weeks. Observers feel the failure to produce a signed agreement in Seoul, where the world's largest economic powers are gathering for the G-20 summit, is significant, and illustrates the difficulties facing the Obama administration's efforts to use free trade initiatives to boost U.S. exports.

Brazil's president,Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, warned that the world would go "bankrupt" if rich countries reduced their consumption and tried to export their way to prosperity."There would be no one to buy," he told reporters.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Barack in land of billion people

Nksagar-Sagar Media Inc - Mumbia / New Delhi
Barack Obama US President has kick starts his long awaited India tour to build up long desired economical and strategic bridge to carve out niche and base for up growing market for the Asian region in which the US needs to have its share as global leader.

( - Not only the billion people watch with anxiety the three days visit of the US President Barack Obama but the higher strata of the two countries especially the business leaders will get into contemplative deliberations to garner productive market for the waiting professional of two countries look for plethora of opportunity of technology transfer.To achieve the business of political and
economical targets the two leaders of the two Biggest democracy of the world has lost their image at home their political outfits languishing with diluted public image have the great opportunities to build up the strategic relation a historical one to bring global impetus in growth of economy and establishing global peace and prosperity.

US Air Force One, with the President, landed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport just before 1300 hours amidst unprecedented security was received at the airport by Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Union Minister of State for Corporate Affairs and Minority Affairs Salman Khurshid and senior officials.US Ambassador in India Timothy J Roemer and the Indian Ambassador in Washington Meera Shankar were present.

US President Barack Obama arrived at Taj in Presidential limousine ‘Beast’ from the INS Shikra air station at Colaba will meet the victims of 26/11 terror attack before joining the memorial service for the victims. Obama is accompanied by his wife Michelle and top officials it be the president’s longest foreign trip since he assumed office two years ago to seek to focus on opening up of Indian markets for American businesses and deal with wide range of political issues, including strategy on counter-terrorism.

Obama and his wife walked down the ladder to a red carpet welcome and were received by Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan who presented him a memento.

The third US President to visit India in the last 10 years and sixth in all, Obama will make a powerful statement against terrorism at the Taj, one of the targets of the 26/11 terror attacks in 2008.

He will sign the visitor's book and later address a gathering to commemorate the memory of 166 people who were killed in the attacks engineered and orchestrated by Pakistan-based terror groups.In all, five Americans killed in that 60-hour mayhem that also targetted Trident Hotel, CST Terminus, Chabad House and Cafe Leopold.
Of the five Americans, three were killed at Trident Hotel and two at the Chabad House.
Obama will visit Hotel Trident later on Saturday where he will address CEOs and US-India Business Council meeting.

He will also visit Mani Bhavan, from where Mahatma Gandhi launched several stages of the freedom movement, and pay homage to the Father of the Nation.Sunday, in Mumbai he will celebrate Diwali in a children's home and then witness an agriculture exposition before leaving for Delhi in the evening.

In Delhi, Obama will visit Humayun's Tomb on Sunday evening and will attend a private dinner to be hosted by Prime Minister Singh at his residence.
On Monday, the President has a heavy schedule when he will hold talks with the Prime Minister in which the two sides will discuss steps to take the relationship qualitatively to a new high.

The talks are expected to focus on issues with dual use technologies, terrorism, strengthening economic ties, cooperation in security, defence and agriculture and regional matters like the situation in Pakistan.

One of the highlights of his engagements in Delhi would be his address to members of Parliament on Monday evening before attending a banquet hosted by President Pratibha Patil.In a statement before leaving for his four-nation Asia tour starting with India, Obama said he would be talking about opening up of additional markets in countries like India as American jobs depended greatly on American exports.

He said his administration had set a goal of doubling US exports over the next five years to create more jobs back home."It is absolutely clear that the key to creating new jobs is opening markets for American goods made by American workers.

"And that is why on the trip I am undertaking, I will be talking about opening up additional markets in places like India," said Obama, close on the heels of Democrats' recent drubbing in US mid-term elections, largely attributed to the discontent over his government's handling of unemployment and economy.

Pointing out that American businesses need to sell more products abroad for creating more jobs at home, Obama said he said "I am looking very much forward to helping to pry open markets for American businesses".
He said focusing on the future, rather than on the "next election" was key to the success of the American future.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dilma Rousseff first woman president of Brazil

Nksagar - Sagar Media Inc -

Brazilian President-elect Dilma Rousseff, election campaign on extending the legacy of President Lula da Silva, won her first election on Sunday as Brazilians voted overwhelmingly for continuity. Rousseff, an economist is a former Marxist guerrilla who was jailed and tortured for three years in the early 1970s for fighting against Brazil’s dictatorship. She served as Silva’s chief of staff before Lula handpicked her as his successor.

Rousseff chose a seven-member transition team that draws heavily from the moderate wing of her left-leaning Workers' Party.The prominent among them is

Antonio Palocci, a well-regarded former finance minister under Lula da Silva who is popular with Wall Street and is likely to take a prominent post in Rousseff's administration, potentially chief of staff.

Others members include Jose Eduardo Dutra, the president of the Workers' Party and a former chief executive of state oil giant Petrobras; Fernando Pimentel, a former mayor of Belo Horizonte; and Marco Aurelio Garcia, Lula da Silva's foreign policy adviser.

Rousseff spent most of Monday meeting with advisers and talking to foreign heads of state by telephone at her home in Brasilia.The headline in Monday's O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper was simply: “Lula's victory.”

At Lula da Silva's suggestion, Rousseff will travel with the president to the G20 summit in South Korea on November 10-12, where the leaders of the world's top economies will discuss currency tensions that are high on the agenda in Brazil.One of Rousseff's first challenges when she takes office on New Year's day will be to address Brazil's hard-charging currency, which is trading near a two-year high and damaging exporters.

Brazil's Bovespa stock index rose more than 1%.

Her life sketch drawn by various agencies - Dilma Rousseff has served at many government posts at the provincial and federal levels, but never ran in an election or took a party post. Given her lack of public visibility, the critical factor in Rousseff’s win was her full support of Lula, who enjoyed an approval rating of more than 80 percent despite the imminent end of his term in office. It is fair to call Rousseff’s victory Lula’s victory.

Lula, who built his career through the labor movement, won the presidential election in October 2002. At the time, investment guru George Soros predicted that Brazil could suffer bankruptcy with Lula in office. Lula, pursued a pragmatic policy in which he encouraged investment by domestic and foreign companies while caring for the socially underprivileged. The Brazilian economy, which had been derided as a “chicken that could not fly,” grew an annual average of 5 percent from 2003 to 2008. The country is expected to post annual growth at the 7-percent level this year, the highest in 24 years. Brazil became the world’s 12th-largest economy in 2005 in overtaking Korea and now ranks eighth. Proactive diplomacy in the international stage under Lula, including successful bids to host the 2012 World Cup soccer finals and the 2016 Summer Olympics, have also elevated the national pride of the Brazilian people. Even a left-leaning politician deserves acclaim if he or she can perform as well as Lula.
Media agencies
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Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland is set ...