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IDFC Tax-Free Infra Bonds Public issue opens today

Nksagar-Sagar Media - New Delhi -30 Sept 2010:
Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd., or IDFC, has announced a public issue of long term infrastructure bons to raise an amount of up to Rs 3,400 Crore,in one or more tranches,in the fiscal year 2010 -11. On Monday launched the country's first long-term tax-free infrastructure bonds having a face value of Rs.5,000 each .The issue proceeds are proposed to be used for the company's infrastructure lending activities.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Rajiv Lall said these long-term bonds would hit the market on September 30 (Thursday) and could be subscribed up to Monday October 18,or earlier,as may be decided by the Board. The bonds would come in four series carrying a maximum of 8 per cent coupon.

IDFC is also looking to raise '3,000 crore through external commercial borrowings (ECBs) in the current fiscal, Rajiv Lall, managing director and chief executive officer, told reporters in Mumbai on Monday.

These long-term bonds with minimum investment limit has been fixed at '10,000. Citigroup Global Markets India Pvt. Ltd, Enam Securities Pvt. Ltd, Kotak Mahindra Capital Co. Ltd and IDFC Capital Ltd are the lead managers.

These bonds, with the highest rating-LAAA—from Icra, could be bought back or redeemed after the five-year lock-in period or could be traded on the bourses, he said. On the conservative way of fixing the yield, Lall said, "Our yield rate is capped at par with the interest rate on government securities and hence cannot offer a yield rate that is above what the 10-year Gilts offer. Also, our objective is to encourage the average retail investors who are salaried as it is a tax-free bond, to invest in these bonds."

At the BSE, shares of IDFC are now trading at Rs.200.25, down by 2.60% from the previous close.The 10-year bonds, to be listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, are trade able after a lock-in period of five years. The bonds will be issued in four series--the first two will offer 8%, while the other two will offer 7.5% per annum with a buyback option.

Indigenous development of 1200 KV UHVAC System -First in India

Indigenous development of 1200 KV UHVAC System -First in India
30.09.2010 03:48:54 Nksagar-Sagar Media -New Delhi,30 Sept 2010
Power grid is establishing a 1200 KV National Test station at Nina.It is unique collaborative efforts where leading manufacturers have joined hands with Power grid for indigenously developing the technology for transmitting power at 1200kV.

( - 35 Electrical Equipment manufacturers in the ultra high voltage segment including 25 IEEMA members have activity collaborated with Power grid for design and development of the required 1200 KV equipment indigenously.

Few examples of such equipment successfully developed are Transformer,Circuit breakers,Isolators,insulators both procelain and polymers,Transmission Line Towers,Line Hardware and conductors etc.IEEMA has been actively coordinating with PGCIL in the implementation of

the indigenous development of electrical equipment required for setting up of 1200 kV Test station at Bina,M.P. PGCIL here is the primary mover.

1200 kV AC system is being envisaged as next transmission voltage to meet the long term power transfer requirement in the country. Ultra High Voltage (UHV) transmission schemes are driven by the need to transfer large amounts of electrical power from the generation resources to major load centres. This need is typical of large geographical regions with a strongly growing electrical power consumption in one part of the region and natural resources that are far away from the major load centres.

India is one of the most notable examples where in future several UHV systems at 1200 kV AC shall be needed to transfer large quantum of power from various generation
complexes in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa to load centres in Northern and Western regions. Starting from next 5-6 years, 1200 kV AC system in due course, is expected to emerge as main transmission level along with 800 kV, 6000MW HVDC integrated with National Grid at 765kV AC, 400kV AC supported by ± 500 kV HVDC NetworkIndian power system is poised to grow at an accelerated pace. Peak demand is expected to increase more than 500GW by 2026 and beyond from present level of about 105 GW for which installed capacity of about 685GW is required. To meet the long-term power transfer requirement by 2025 and beyond as well as optimal utilization of right of way, large capacity transmission corridors are being planned interconnecting the generating resources/pooling stations with load centers.

In this direction, next higher voltage level at 1200kV is being planned. To develop 1200 kV AC Transmission System and associated equipment indigenously, a joint initiative is taken by POWERGRID,CPRI and Equipment Manufacturers to set up a 1200 kV Testing Station and an experimental line at BINA in Madhya Pradesh.

The paper describes the considerations of specifications of the 1200 kV transformers for the Testing Station. These prototype transformers shall pose several challenges to designers and shall pave way for the futuristic commercial transformers for the 1200 kV UHVAC.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Around 550 athletes and officials to arrive today for Delhi 2010

Around 550 athletes and officials to arrive today for Delhi 2010

New Delhi, 27 September 2010: Around 550 athletes and officials are expected to arrive in Delhi today to participate in the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi.

The largest contingent is from South Africa with 113 athletes and officials followed by Scotland with 77 athletes and officials those who arrive today.

Among the other large contingents arriving are those of England (61), Australia (59) and Canada (30).

Apart from these, officials and athletes from New Zealand, Wales, Namibia, Jamaica, Botswana, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Kiribati and others are also arriving today.

In addition, Chefs-de-Mission of Niue Island, Malawi and St. Vincent & The Grenadines, apart from a large international media contingent are arriving today to cover Delhi 2010.

CM: Half of total flats of CWG Games Village ready

Nksagar-Sagar Media -New Delhi:
Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, putting her all efforts on Sunday be visiting the games village several times overseeing the clean-up operation, on Sunday has brought some relief. She said everything will be ready at the complex by Wednesday.Shiela Dikshit, who has been spending six to seven hours daily at the complex since handing over of its maintenance to Delhi Government on Wednesday last, said "every effort" is being made to make stay of the athletes very happy."All the towers will be ready by Wednesday," Dikshit said, adding that nearly half the flats out of 1,168 flats are completely ready.

The city government, since taking control of cleaning, house-keeping and overall maintenance of the complex on Wednesday, had deployed a workforce of 1,500 people including professionals from five-star hotels. Games Village with a South African envoy claiming that a snake was found in one of the rooms in the Games Village.Amid strong criticism by the international delegates who dubbed the Village as "filthy and uninhabitable", PMO on Wednesday night had directed Delhi Government to take control of the complex from the Delhi Development Authority. On asked why the authorities have to make the last minute scramble to complete the works in Games Village, Dikshit blamed it on lack of coordination among various agencies involved in it."The problems in the Village ranged from broken windows to malfunctioning of the lift. We are putting all our efforts to put things in order," she said.

Foreign contingents continued to drop in with nearly 1100 athletes, officials and technical staff from different nations arriving on Sunday for the October 3rd -14th Commonwealth Games.The largest contingent to arrive was a 112-member delegation from Kenya, followed by Nigeria (69), and 60 members from Scotland, a release from the Organising Committee (OC) said.

Canada, Tanzania, Lesotho, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Wales, England, Isle of Man, Jersey, Bermuda, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and British Virgin Islands were among other arrivals.Some 100 more athletes from Norfolk Islands and Canada are expected to arrive later on Sunday night."Work has progressed far enough now and we're ready to start moving in to the Village," said Scott Stevenson, Director of Sport, Commonwealth Games Canada (CGC).

"All the necessary maintenance and cleaning of rooms have been done to accommodate our team and additional support staff," Stevenson said.Stevenson also confirmed that emergency equipment and safety procedures have been verified and tested. "Crews have been successful in reducing the amount of stagnant water around the residential towers. Things are starting to look good," he said.

"The residential towers have been a huge challenge for us, but I'm happy to say that they are finally falling in place."A group of 35 Canadian support staff was due to move in to the village on Sunday while about 40 athletes and coaches from women's gymnastics, shooting, table tennis and men's hockey are scheduled to arrive on Monday.

Stevenson said that Canadian sport science experts, after visiting the competition venues, have given positive reports. "With the accommodation now coming together, we can focus of our energies on the real business at hand, which is to help our athletes achieve best-ever performances."
Canada is sending a team of 400 athletes, coaches and support staff to the Games.

All the 71 participating countries have confirmed their participation. Over 200 Indian athletes and delegates including hockey, weightlifting, boxing and shooting teams have also checked in the village. More players and athletes will be joining them in the next few days.Meanwhile, the cleanliness drive is at its last leg as many athletes and teams had reservations over hygiene. The process of cleanliness is still on and it is expected to be over by tonight.

Chief Minister Sheila Dixit who visited the Games village thrice today, took stock of the situation. She assessed maintenance, security and other facilities for athletes and international delegates. She also met the Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrashekhar during one of the inspections.According to officials, the village can presently accommodate over 7,000 athletes and delegates. Arrangements have also been made for athletes and delegates in some five star hotels.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation says express metro rail from international air port to New Delhi Railway Station is expected to be operational before the start of the games. The spokesman of the corporation Anuj Dayal said that the DMRC will earmark one bogey for ladies in each train from 2nd of next month to encourage women spectators to witness the games.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy birth day Dr Man Mohan singh

Nksagar-Sagar Media-New Delhi :

Dr Manmohan Singh born 26 Sept1932 is the fourteenth Prime Minister of Republic of India and is the first PM since Nehru to return to power after completing full term.He is the first Sikh and twelfth Prime Minister of Indian National Congress.

His academic career took him from Punjab to the University of Cambridge, UK, where he earned a First Class Honours degree in Economics in 1957. Dr. Singh followed this with a D. Phil in Economics from Nuffield College at Oxford University in 1962. His book, “India's Export Trends and Prospects for Self-Sustained Growth” was an early critique of India's inward-oriented trade policy.

Dr Singh was widely credited for carrying out liberalizing reforms in India in 1991 which resulted in the weakening of Licence Raj system. Dr. Singh joined the Government of India as Economic Advisor in the Commerce Ministry. This was soon followed by his appointment as Chief Economic Advisor in the Ministry of Finance in 1972. Among the many Governmental positions that Dr. Singh has occupied are Secretary in the Ministry of Finance; Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission; Governor of the Reserve Bank of India; Advisor of the Prime Minister; and Chairman of the University Grants Commission.

In what was to become the turning point in the economic history of independent India, Dr. Singh spent five years between 1991 and 1996 as India’s Finance Minister. His role in ushering in a comprehensive policy of economic reforms is now recognized worldwide. In the popular view of those years in India, that period is inextricably associated with the persona of Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh has been a Member of India’s Upper House of Parliament (the Rajya Sabha) since 1991, where he was Leader of the Opposition between 1998 and 2004. Dr. Manmohan Singh was sworn in as Prime Minister on 22nd May after the 2004 general elections and took the oath of office for a second term on 22nd May 2009.

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Fennell:Damage has been done to India.

Surecsh Kalmadi said developer needs to hand over the venues to the organizing committee and said the venues ought to be handed to me in advance and said the venues ought to be handed to me in advance for further action. Fennel said considerable done when we visited last, we are monitoring the situation firmly.He is to visit Games villages again today added there is huge improvement in two days and there are concern about Fire safety there is extensive jobs needs to be done, security and transport is huge concern Fennel to receive the reports today in the fire safety aspects. Fennel said there is need of momentum going and is touch with other delegates yet to arrive. Damage has been done to India.To question for plethora of time why is the mess . Fennell said we are following the games development.we have coordinated in four years visits within six months and our visits gave instructed for the work needed to be done and clean up needed to be done is in all our reports.Remedial measure by government is being undertaken

Fennell said the cleaning up surrounds the village,security,transport,tech services more equipments,medical services generally speaking matters relating to village for those participating needs to be geared up.

Media work done properly pleased to receive the news and green signals to the participants they are asked to travel to India. No one is pulling out of the Games Fennel said. "We are contemplating that athletes enjoy stay".There has been delivery of cards and supply of building needs cleaning mortar down needs to be removed.Testing for fire alarm system and necessary system are working.We are insisting to get reports for safety and security.chef have done extremely hard and all committed to games and this show positive mind exhibit their solidarity for the Commonwealth games and the teams are well looked after.

Government agency have done jobs nicely.safely and security of the athletes is necessary so the building safety, alarm and other fire and safety ought to be in n order so are We monitoring the system carefully.

Organizing chief Suresh Kalamadi addressing the media said the mess is by the developer his favorite lines, Games will be fantastic and better than Melbourne speak to me after the games.He said security issues have been addressed. Our job is to view the development the stakeholder needs to carry on and take the responsibility for the completion of the infrastructure.

Further in a boost to the controversy-marred event, the Australian and New Zealand Commonwealth Games bosses on Friday confirmed participation of their teams in the Delhi Games, giving a thumbs up to the much-criticized Athletes' Village.
After a visit on Friday morning to the Village which had come under attack from various quarters over sanitary conditions, Australian Commonwealth Games Association chief Perry Cross white said his country was happy with the Village and that their athletes are looking forward to the Games beginning 3rd October.
"We are quite happy with the Village and we are looking forward to the Games. The Australian contingent is coming," he said.
The Australian contingent is coming," he said.Addressing a press conference a day after visiting the Games Village,
"Absolutely, it's thumbs up to the Games," he said, when asked about his assessment of the Games.Crosswhite was one of the strongest critics till recently about the preparations for the mega event.After days of indecision, New Zealand Olympic Committee also on Friday confirmed participation in the Delhi Commonwealth Games after seeing positive steps being taken by the organisers to improve the situation.

New Zealand Olympic Committee board gave its nod for the planned departures from 28th September after being briefed by NZOC President Mike Stanley and Secretary General Barry Maister, who were in Delhi to take stock of the situation.Staneley said the situation was grim but it has started changing following intervention by the state and the central governments.
"We remain hopeful that things can be turned around. What we found was inexcusable and unacceptable but we've seen a change in leadership and this is positive," Stanley said at a press conference in Auckland.

Fennell said "considerable work has been done but still some more remains to be done." With mess and mess up. despite the controversy-marred build-up, Fennell asserted that calling off the Games "was never" on Commonwealth Games Federation's (CGF) agenda.

Blaming the organizer for the delay in propping up the games facilities in times, Fennell conceded that a lot of damage has been done to India's image.Flanked by embattled Organizing Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, Fennell said both India and the Commonwealth can learn a lesson from the shortcomings in organizing the 19th edition of the Games scheduled 3rd to 14th October."The massive work that is being done now ought to have been done earlier," said Fennell.

"We all have to share the blame and responsibility. In any Games, there are a number of stakeholders, overall we have to ensure that we do everything to conduct the Games." "Other Games have had problems and I believe that here also the problems would be sorted. A number of issues should have been and could have been avoided and that necessary corrective steps should be taken in good time," he added."We are going to have good Games," he insisted.

"A lot of damage has been done to India, which is the largest Commonwealth country. We need to learn lessons for hosting other events as well. This is part of the learning process. I hope India would have learnt a lesson, we would have learnt a lesson," he said.

Asked whether he felt let down by India, which won the hosting rights way back in 2003 but is in a desperate race against time to finish off the work, Fennell said, "We are disappointed in a number of things." But the CGF boss said the time for blame-game was over and the focus should now be on conducting a safe and successful Games whatever be the scale of effort required."If we are committed to the same goal, we should not find faults and criticise each other because we all want that the Games are celebrated properly," he said.

Kalmadi said he wished the venues had been handed to OC a little earlier.
"I am the chairman of Organising Committee and I will take all the responsibility but I wish venues were handed to us a little earlier," he said.

Fennell, accompanied by Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi, Secretary General Randhir Singh CGF CEO Mike Hooper, took stock of the arrangements at the athletes Village, which was dubbed "filthy and uninhabitable" by visiting international delegates a couple of days ago.

His statement came even as the first batch of 61 English athletes landed in the capital but headed to hotels instead of the Village as their living area is still not ready.English men's hockey team and the lawn bowling squad are among the 61 strong group of athletes.

England have committed participation in the Commonwealth Games and will be sending 551 athletes.The CGF boss, who was unimpressed with the pace of the work and even shot off a letter to the Cabinet Secretary a few days ago, also briefed the delegates about the work.

Friday, September 24, 2010

India leads the world energy efficient building.

24.09.2010 06:30:45 Nksagar-Sagar Media - 24 Sept 2010 - India leads the world energy efficient building.Business leaders throughout India give a higher priority to energy efficient in their facilities than do those in any other major country according to the Johnson control Energy Efficiency Indicators EEI.

( - This year's survey results provide a look at how business leaders in India are prioritizing and investing in energy efficiency compared to last year and to other regions around the world.
For more than 60 years, the Johnson Controls Training Institute has been helping people succeed at creating and managing Quality Building Environments.

The Institute partners with engineering schools, technical colleges and
experts in the building environments industry to provide high-quality learning experiences that reflect not only where the industry is today, but where it is going tomorrow.

"Despite the recession,decision makers have put efficiency high on their agendas for 2010,especially those in India and China,said Pramoda Karkal,Vice President and managing director,Building Efficiency,Johnson Control India."in our business we help buildings to operate efficient and profitable and we see these benefits being recognized in new markets and regions worldwide."

The Most commonly cited barrier to improving energy efficient in India is a lack of technical expertise to indetify opportunities,followed by a lack of internal capital budget.
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Sagar Media -Jennifer Layke Dir Institute for Building Efficiency

Leonid Musatov Chief Marketing Officer:MTS Launch MBlaze

Leonid Musatov CMO - MTS Reebok Launch MBlaze

Yuvraj Singh The cricketer -Tata Sky Hungama Launch Active Games

Yuvraj Singh - MTS Reebok India Launch MBlaze

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Nestle R&D centre in India

Nksagar -Sagar Media -23 Sept 2010 New Delhi
Nestle R&D centre in India speaking on theme Klaus Zimmermann Head of Nestle R&D centre, worldwide,Nestec SA, said Nestle has global network of 29 R&D centres,which together with their local application groups employ around 5000 people.Thirtieth centre in India will be located within 50Km from delhi at Delhi - Jaipur Highway at Manesar close proximity to corporate office Gurgoan,Haryana.

Further Klaus added R&D India will initially be staffed by team of about 40 scientist and expect number to grow over coming years rich talents from India especially in science and engineering.

He said Nestlé Research provides solutions for good-tasting foods and beverages, as well as services, that bring nutrition, health and wellness to consumers and the R&D centre will facilitate innovation in wide variety of nutritional affordable foods,including culinary,cereals,beverages and diary products.Nestle vast experience ably apt in developing PPP Popular, Position, Product which embraces the whole value chain from the supply of raw ingredients to conceptualize product up to marketing distribution.

Klauss Press conference Head R&D Nestle India

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'Magnificent Mary'Five times World Champ back home

22.09.2010 07:01:18 Nksagar-Sagar Media
22 Sept,2010 New Delhi:
Herbalife,IBF,IOS Felicitate Five times World Boxing Champion MC Marykom on 21 Sept 2010 at Hotel Park New Delh. Media and MP from Manipur and sports authorities were present to congratulate the boxing champion for fifth time. On Answering questions on her motherhood and being Five-times world boxing champion MC Mary Kom said her strong will and determination helped her to stay in the sport even after attaining motherhood.

( - Manipur government has announced a cash prize of 10 lakh rupees for star women boxer M C Mary Kom, who achieved a rare feat of five consecutive world titles in Bridgetown last week.The 27year old, mother of two clinched the fifth gold medal at the World Championships on Saturday by thrashing old foe Steluta Duta of Romania 16-6 in the light flyweight 48kg finals.An official release said that Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh announced purse in recognition of her historic achievement.

She began boxing in 2000 and was a quick learner who preferred to be put through the same paces as the boys around her. She initially tried to keep her interest from her father, M. Tonpu Kom, and mother Saneikham Kom, but winning a 2000 state championship got her photograph in the newspaper.After winning her first title and Best Boxer at the First State Level Invitation women's boxing championship in Manipur in 2000, Merykom went on to win the gold in the Seventh East India Women’s Boxing Championship held in West Bengal and five subsequent Indian National Championships from 2000 to 2005.

Mary Kom, a mother of two, came back from a two-year sabbatical to clinch her fourth successive World Amateur boxing gold in 2008, a feat that prompted the AIBA to describe her as 'Magnificent Mary.

Herbalife, Indian Boxing Federation, Olympic gold quest, Infinity Optimal Solutions felicitated Mary Kom in her honour for her achievements at Hotel Park in New Delhi after her return from concluded Women's World Boxing Championship in Bridgetown.In her addressing to the media, Mary Kom thanked the Media along with IBF, IOS, Herbalife and Manipur Government.

Marykom said "My aim in the near future is to win the 2012, London Olympic" .Globally named " Magnificent Mary" addressed Col PKM Raja, Secretary General of the Indian Boxing Federation, he is confident Mary will win the 2012 Olympic gold.

Little shy to speak about her achievements Mary looked confident said I am very happy and thanking Herbalife second my boxing federation and others.She was ongraultaed by M Manipur and Union Sports Minister MS Gill. In Facilitation function she was awarded Rs 1 lakh and 2 lakhs by the Boxing Federation and Herbalife respectively.

To a question of the non-inclusion of women boxing championship in the Common Wealth Games 2010, Marykom,world champion said, "It hurts me a lot, we are trying to ensure its inclusion and would have been very good to have the women boxing championship in the CWG – Delhi".Intervening at this IBF secretary, Col PKM Raja said "it is unfortunate, but the women boxing championship will be included only in the next CWG".

Mary praised her husband for her achievement for his enouragement to remain in the profession and told the media its difficult journey especially after she became a mother with family members,her well wishers teling her to give up boxing."It was due to the encouragement from my husband that I could return to the ring in a positive frame of mind," said the diminutive boxer.

Media asking her message to the global plus Indian youth and the women of Manipur and the country at large,she said, "I am an example of "nothing is impossible"further said that seeing her, many of her seniors had returned to sports after marriage. She said "people learn from me".Her pivotal role now to win London Olympic gold in women boxing for the nation and therafter her future after 2012 she plans to retire and would be a coach.

Her achievements are difficult to tread for another boxer in decades to come, IBF secretary Col Raja said " to find a successor will take a long time".

Mary will be undergoing trial selection tomorrow in the capital for the upcoming Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou, China in November.She is also working toward weight increase from 48 kg in the world Championship for the coming Asian games that requires 51 kg. She noted "Women and Boxing is very admirable".In the morning the Kom received warm welcome as students in Delhi received Mary Kom at the airport on her arrival to congratulate and welcome her.
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Five times World Boxing Champions MC Marykom - Sagar Media

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cantabil Retail India Ltd IPO Opens on 22Sept ,2010

Cantabil Retail India Ltd engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing, branding and retailing of apparels under the brand names of "CANTABIL" and "La FANSO" proposes to enter the apital market on 22 nd Sept ,2010 with its initial Public offer {IPO} of Rs 1,050 Million,equity shares of rs 10/- each.

The company has fixed the price band of the issue at rs 127 to rs 135 per equity share.SPA Merchant Bankers Ltd is the sole Book Running lead manager for the issue and Beetal financial & computer Services P ltd is the Registrar to the issue.
The Issue will be through a 100% book building process,wherein at least 50% of the issue shall be allowed on a proportion basis to qualified institutional Buyers.

Further not less than 155 of the issue shall be available for allocation on proportion basis to Non-Institutional Bidders and not less than 355 of the issue shall be available for allocations on a proportion basis to retail individual Bidders subjet.

"CANTABIL" brand have a network of 381 exclusive retail outlets spread across India.The "CANTABIL" brand with 206 exclusive retail outlets offers the complete range of formal wear,party-wear,casuals & ultra casual clothing for Men, Women and Kids in the middle to high income group. The "La FANSO" brand caters to men's segment in lower to middle income group and focuses on casual, ultra casual and formal wear. They also retail various accessories like ties, belts, socks, caps and handkerchief under their brands.

"CANTABIL" brand have 3 in-house manufacturing / finishing units and 4 warehouses located in Delhi. They also have 3 third party dedicated units manufacturing. Cantabil Retail's stores are situated at Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Ahemdabad, Vadodra, Lucknow, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Dehradun, Meerut, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Udaipur, Agra, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon etc.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ashok Kumar lifted the DLF Masters title trophy

Ashok Kumar lifted the DLF Masters title trophy
PTI - Ashok Kumar lifted the DLF Masters title trophy riding on his overnight eight-stroke lead after rain washed out the final day of the PGTI event here today.Ashok had carded a brilliant seven-under 65 for the second consecutive day to take a massive eight-stroke lead over compatriot Gaganjeet Bhullar after the penultimate round yesterday. It would have taken nothing less than a miracle to upstage Ashok and with rain gods disrupting the proceedings, the final round was called off at the DLF golf and country club here.Defending champion Bhullar, who had carded one-over 73 yesterday to slip down after sharing the top spot with Ashok after the second round, finished runners-up here. Ashok, who finished with a total 16-under 200, pocketed Rs 15,35,675 for his effort.

Sheila Dikshit CM Delhi : Tata Motors CNG-Eletric Hybrid bus

Teerayuth Leelakajornkit NEO -VIV Asia 2011& Aquatic Asia 2011

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The TARAgram Yatra 2010

New Delhi, 17 September 2010: TARAgram Yatra 2010, organised by Development Alternatives (DA), a not-for-profit organisation and its partners from September 17-21 was inaugurated today at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teen Murti House, New Delhi.

From 18-20 September, the dialogue moves to Bundelkhand at the DA Group Sustainability Resource Centre at TARAgram Orchha where a mix of dialogue and field visits, will bring together top-level practitioners and policy makers from across the world on a common platform for exchanging ideas on how to realise a sustainable future. An annual event, the Yatra deliberates upon relevant issues of sustainability and will provide leads for follow-up on policies and action at the local, national and global levels.

Dr Kirit S. Parekh, Chairman, Expert Group (LCSIG), Planning Commission of India and a special speaker at the inaugural session highlighted the Low Carbon Strategies for Inclusive Growth in the regional and global context.

Honorable Minister of Environment and Forests (MoEF) Shri Jairam Ramesh in his message said “It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate the organizers and participants of TARAgram YATRA 2010 for initiating an annual event and establishing a think tank for undertaking deliberation on highly pertinent issue. As a new green economy order emerging it is essential that the rural areas are integrated within this system for achieving impacts at a large scale. Environment ministry has been keenly associated with issues related to climate change and the environment. MoEF is currently developing the second National Communication to the UN framework convention on climate change. I specially want to congratulate Development Alternative and its partners (International Institute for environment and development, Ring Alliance and Green Economy Coalition, UN environment programme - GRID) and the Yatris for having set out on the first TARAgram YATRA”

Sir Richard Stagg, High Commissioner for Great Britain said “India has many advantages and opportunities to make a choice and unlike China, economic success is based on resources available. It is incorrect to believe that economic growth and environment conventions are contradictory as both are possible and we can collectively address it, but we have to be careful about challenges of climate change. Not everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of economic growth as the rural poor are three times more dependent on eco system than their urban counterparts. UK has its carbon footprints and we appreciate the efforts of India to deal with this challenge as well. The YATRA is an opportunity to take forward range of questions that we have to address in the same regard. Time is not on our side but we have to take care of sustainable and inclusive growth”

Giving the overview presentation on Green Jobs to End Poverty and Regenerate the Resource Base, Dr Ashok Khosla, Chairman Development Alternatives, said that the time has come for the Third World to pursue a path of development that employs the highest possible resource productivity in sectors such as agriculture, industry and habitat, particularly in job creation. He also added that production, mobility and agricultural systems need to be reworked to make our world more sustainable.

Prominent speakers included Shri Deepak Gupta, Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, High Commissioner of Great Britain and Prof. Amitabh Kundu, Jawahar Lal Nehru University.

With its primary focus on Green Investment and Policy Imperatives, the TARAgram Yatra 2010 promises to be a milestone in a series of global multi-stakeholder consultation process leading up to Rio 2020. The Yatra aims to build consensus amongst key stakeholders on priorities in the transition to sustainability. It will communicate strategies and solutions that address sustainability challenges for green economies to policy audiences on a global platform.

The other partners of Development Alternatives are the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), the Ring Alliance of Policy Research Organisations, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and Ministries of Environment and Forests, New and Renewable Energy, External Affairs and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Those present included members of national, state and local governments, businesses and financial institutions, academic and research organisations, civil society and international agencies. The broad mix of interests and expertise is designed to encourage generation of new ideas, innovative and scaleable solutions and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience.

A Declaration of key messages emerging from the event on critical green economy issues and practical solutions on green jobs, green investments, and adaptation for livelihood security relevant to practitioners and policy makers will be presented at the conclusion of the five-day conference.

DLF Master:Gaganjeet Bhullar, Ashok Kumar in the joint lead

Nksagar-Sagar Media Gurgaon, Sept 17, 2010:
Gaganjeet Bhullar and Ashok Kumar share the lead at nine under 135 after round two of the DLF Masters 2010. While Bhullar fired a solid 67 on Friday, Ashok produced the best round of the day, a brilliant seven under 65. Himmat Singh Rai is two strokes behind the leaders in third place and Jyoti Randhawa is fourth at six under 138.The cut was declared at five over 149. Fifty-three professionals made the cut.

Ashok Kumar (70-65) carded his best score of the year to climb from overnight tied ninth to joint first place on Friday. The professional from the Delhi Golf Club made an amazing nine birdies in the second round thanks to his fantastic hitting. He also had two bogeys.

Ashok said, “My iron-play was excellent today. I hit it within eight feet
on most holes and thus earned as many as nine birdies. I also made a 25 feet putt for birdie on the 11th. This is a great round for me considering the fact that I have been out of action due to a wrist injury for the last four months. Today’s round has given me a lot of confidence as far as my hitting is concerned.”

Defending champion Gaganjeet Bhullar (68-67) turned in a card of 67 to share the lead along with Ashok. Bhullar sank an eagle on the ninth besides making five birdies and two bogeys. The Kapurthala golfer continued his good hitting form as he made 16 greens in regulation for the second successive day.

“I fell just short of my goal of six under for the day. My putting was inconsistent but hitting was immaculate. I hit it close through the round and made eagle on the ninth courtesy of a five-iron second shot from 215 yards that landed within five feet of the pin. I also converted a 20-footer for birdie on the seventh,” said Bhullar.

Himmat Singh Rai (68-69) of the DLF Golf & Country Club is placed third at seven under 137. His round of 69 on Friday included an eagle on the par-four 15th where he holed his second shot from 75 yards.
Jyoti Randhawa (67-71) made 11 pars before dropping a bogey on the 12th. He followed that up with birdies on the 15th and 18th to sign off with a one under 71.
Randhawa said, “I’m very satisfied with my round today even though I made just two birdies. I did a good job in sticking to my routine. I missed only one putt for par. I was not very accurate off the tee and as a result I did not hit enough fairways. However, I got some momentum going after my first birdie of the day on the 15th.”
Mukesh Kumar, Anirban Lahiri, Gaurav Pratap Singh and Vinod Kumar lie tied fifth at five under 139.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

DLF Master: Jyoti Randhawa on flying start

Nksagar-Sagar Media -Gurgoan Sept 17,2010:
Jyoti Randhawa, the two-time DLF Masters champion, on to a flying start at his home turf on Thursday as he made six birdies against a lone bogey in his opening round of 67. Randhawa, a 10th tee starter, made birdies on the 12th, 16th, 17th and a bogey on the 13th to be two under at the turn.

Randhawa, fresh from a recent top-10 finish on the European Tour, consolidated further on the second nine with birdies on the first, fourth and sixth.“This is a very good start to the tournament. I have been playing in Europe for the last few weeks so in that context I feel I adapted to the conditions pretty quickly. I hit my
iron shots really close today and also putted well. The rain came down for a brief period during the middle of my round but it didn’t affect me. In fact, I made birdies immediately before and after the rain,” said Randhawa.

He added, “The highlights of my round were a good par save on the 10th where I hit my nine-iron third shot to within a few inches of the pin and the birdie on the par-five sixth where I was two-on and then two-putted for birdie.”
Defending champion Gaganjeet Bhullar shot a bogey-free 68 to be tied second. He birdied the second, ninth, 15th and 18th holes.

Bhullar said, “I hit it long today. My best drive was on the 15th where I hit it about 350 yards. It’s a good start to the tournament and gives me a great launch-pad for the rest of the week.”

Himmat Singh Rai and Karanjit Singh Sandhu, both from the DLF Golf & Country Club, joined Bhullar in tied second place as they too shot scores of 68 thanks to some brilliant hitting.

Himmat made 17 regulations in a round that included five birdies and a bogey. Karanjit also had five birdies and a bogey and made 16 regulations.
SSP Chowrasia, Rahil Gangjee, Vinod Kumar and Digvijay Singh lie tied fifth at three under 69.Anirban Lahiri, Mukesh Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Chiragh Kumar, Gaurav Pratap Singh and Shankar Das share ninth position at two under 70.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bloomberg UTV launches 'The Assignment'

Nksagar-SagarMedia -New Delhi
Bloomberg UTV launches 'The Assignment' new business reality show hosted by the witty Cyrus Sahukar,Coporate India's finest professional take on untried challenges in the new exciting series airing every Sat at 8PM,18 Sept onwards.

The show showcases the two distinct ends of the Indian business spectrum. On the one side, there is a mad rush for B School degrees and complete dominance of the MNC culture, the other side presents an equally strong acumen and business machinery but in its own unique way of working. Accustomed to a particular way of life, executives from
corporate India are moved to home grown / domestic businesses for a day, to run the show. These business houses might not have the finesse or the polish of the MNCs, but are still rock solid and efficiently run business operations. Being thrown into such an environment will provide India Inc’s brightest minds with an altogether unique learning experience

The daylong ASSIGNMENT breaks the comfort zone built by respective work environments and opens up an engaging story of cross learning across 13 such episodes

‘The Assignment’ will consist of interesting challenges that participants from leading corporate houses take on. This one hour weekly show will not only put to task the participant’s presence of mind and decision making abilities, but will also capture the individual’s ability to pull off the task most effectively.

Commenting on the launch of the exclusive show ‘The Assignment’, Deepak Lamba – Business Head, Bloomberg UTV said, “The concept of this show is inspired from the insight that every manager considers themselves an expert. Our objective is to help him step out of the comfort zone and test his skills in a completely different environment.The series underlines the fact that an Indian homegrown setup has much more to teach than it has to learn from Corporate India. In keeping with our promise of being a Blunt. And Sharp. business news channel, our efforts like The Assignment will continue to strive towards strengthening our innovative programming while fulfilling the business news needs of the growth aspirer.”

Excited about hosting the unique show, the versatile VJ and actor Cyrus Sahukar said, “I am extremely happy to get an opportunity to host The Assignment on Bloomberg UTV. It will be refreshing to see corporate executives brought out of their shells to try and execute activities in a totally unknown environment. I look forward to a lot of excitement and enthusiasm from the participants with some brilliant ideas and improvisations coming from these intelligent minds of Corporate India. Hopefully, some of the intelligence rubs off on me.”

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Innovations for Everyone campaign

New Delhi - Nksagar -Sagar Media
Managing Director of the Fox International Channel, National Geographic Network in India, Keertan Adhyanthaya said Innovations for Everyone campaign is open to people from all walks of life.
Volkswagen and National Geographic Channel today launched a unique initiative to identify the potential of relevant innovations that could lead to technological and scientific breakthroughs to improve quality of life.The campaign will hunt for individuals who have conceptualized radical ideas that have the mettle to make a difference to society and the country.

The innovations will be evaluated across three categories; Technology Edge- a breakthrough project on investing something new, Re-energizing Edge- a breakthrough project re-inventing and improving any existing invention and Environment Edge - a breakthrough project to save the environment.

To enable this , Volkswagen and National Geographic channel have collaborated with FITT (Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer), the industrial interface of IIT Delhi Indian Institute of Technology'. Role of FITT , has been in fistering technology development ,technical consultancy and collaborative R & D.

The campaign is open tp people from all walks of life.The Participants can be anyone who has an idea however small in magnitude,but big in impact that could make a significant difference to the society and the country.

Nishant Joshi

Sushil Kumar wins gold WWC creates history

2010-09-13 04:40:04 - Nksagar-Sagar Media -New Delhi - Moscow - Sept 13 2010:
Sushil Kumar made history by becoming the first Indian to win a World wrestling championship gold medal when he overpowered home favourite Alan Gogaev to win the 66kg freestyle title in Moscow on Sunday.

Sushil overpowered home favourite Alan Gogaev to win the 66kg freestyle title in Moscow on Sunday.The exciting 3-1 victory in the title-bout also made Sushil the first Indian grappler to bag Olympic and World championship medals. The 27-year-old already holds the Asian and Commonwealth titles.

In the rounds Sushil convincingly defeated Anastasios Akritidis of Greece (6-0), Martin Sebastian Daum of Germany
(4-1) and Batzorig Buyanjar of Mongolia (9-1) before rallying to beat reigning European champion Jabrayil Hasanov of Azerbaijan (4-3). Sushil historic triumph came after in the final, Sushil got the better of Gogaev in two straight rounds, winning 2-1 and 1-0 and sealing a historic triumph.The Delhi wrestler had won the bronze in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, becoming the second Indian wrestler, the first being K.D. Jadhav, to achieve the distinction.

Last year in Denmark, Ramesh Kumar had broken India's long medal drought in the World championship by returning a bronze in the 74-kg category.The other World championship medalists from India were Uday Chand (bronze in 1961), Bishambhar Singh (silver in 1967) and Alka Tomar (bronze in 2006).

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President G.S. Mander was quick to hail Sushil's feat.“Sushil had proved his mettle at every level and now he has done it at the World level. It is a big thing to be the World, Asian and Commonwealth champion at the same time,” Mander said.

Sushil had won the Commonwealth championship in Jalandhar in December last and the Asian title here in May.

“In the midst of so much negative publicity doing the rounds (due to drug abuse in Indian sport), this is a welcome change,” Mander added.The WFI Secretary and former Asian Games gold medallist Kartar Singh, too, expressed his joy after Sushil won the gold.“I am very happy with his achievement. The country expected him to win the gold and he did it,” said Kartar.“When I spoke to him, he said that it was due to God's grace. He said the competition was very tough, especially the semifinal against the European champion was a difficult bout.“ I had advised Sushil to give his best even against the fancied Russian wrestler (in the final) as such chances come very rarely in life, so he should grab it with both hands,” Kartar said.

Kartar hoped that the Commonwealth Games gold at home should not be a difficult thing to achieve for Sushil.The WFI declared that a befitting welcome and suitable reward await the star wrestler on his return from Moscow.

The 1982 Asian Games gold medallist, Satpal, also showered praise on Sushil. “He had prepared well, otherwise it is not easy to win five straight bouts in day.“Undoubtedly, he is the best wrestler India has ever produced. His humility and sincerity has made him what he is,” said Satpal.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rahul Bose Ambassador Oxfam India on Leh

Oxfam India for warm shelters in Leh

Nksagar Sagar Media -New Delhi /Leh :
Oxfam India for warm shelters in Leh on priotity basis along with clean water,food and warm clothes.Oxfam India has expressed the hope that the process of building shelters for the flood affected people in Leh and surrounding villages would be completed as per schedule and the survivors would be able to lead decent lives during winters when the temperatures will come down to freezing degrees

Leh flash floods on 5 th August 2010 has affected more than 15,000 people. The Death toll in this natural catastrophe is nearly 150 with more than 600 missing is the sudden disasters in J&K. Gushing flood waters inundated nine villages and large tracts of land and army began its rescue operations with various relief work.

Important of all now
is to respond quickly to the needs of the survivors as wild freezing winter may be upto minus 25 C degree will set in within 45 days thus the lives of more than 15,000 men, women and children will be of shelter is emerging most priority .

."It has been two weeks since we took shelter in the camp, but the trauma is still alive. My children wake up at nights calling for help and hug me tight." says Tsewang Lhamo, a health worker from the Old town of Leh.

Himank Relief Camp, the biggest camp set up by the army in Leh after the flash floods is full of grim stories, which gets worse as we move from one tent to another. The devastation left by the Leh flash floods is still evident in the eyes of many men, women and children affected by the flood. The loss is unimaginable and unprecedented - loss of life-long earnings, loss of mother, loss of father, loss of brother, loss of sister and most of all - loss of love.

Oxfam India is reaching out to 9 villages in and around Leh town and trying to get safe drinking water, proper sanitation and winterized shelters for 2000 households.
"It is the natural responsibility of the government to build, safe, warm shelters for the affected families. We hope this process will be completed allaying all apprehensions of the people that they might have to face untold suffering during winter," actor and ambassador for Oxfam, Rahul Bose said after visiting the flood affected areas in the town of Leh and surrounding villages with the CEO of Oxfam India, Nisha Agrawal.

"Oxfam India will keep track of the Government’s efforts to provide shelter to the affected people as time is running out with the approaching winter," Rahul Bose said, adding there was a bigger role for NGOs like Oxfam India to advocate for a decent life for the flood-affected.

As of now, Oxfam India has been providing water and sanitation facilities to the flood affected people in Leh. The program activities include a shelter package for winter to 1000 worst affected households and safe water provision to 2000 households who have been directly and indirectly affected by the disaster. As part of the relief operations, bathing cubicles and latrines have been constructed in the Solar Colony relief camp.

In addition, shelter and hygiene kits which meet minimum standards of humanitarian response as per the Sphere regulations is also being distributed to the affected households in nine villages. A typical hygiene kit comprises two buckets, one mug, 120 aqua tabs, 10 ORS packets, 400 gm bathing soap, 800 gm washing soap and sanitary napkins. As for the shelter kit, it comprises expanded polythene foams, one tarpaulin sheet, two thick sheets and one ground sheet, one pressure cooker, twin burner LPG stove and two blankets

Adding to Rahul’s concerns after the field visit, Nisha Agrawal, CEO, Oxfam India, said "Shelter is the most urgent need of the people. There is only one month of window to build shelters for the affected and to save lives."

"People are hoping that the many promises made by the Prime Minister and the Government would be fulfilled while at the same time concerned that these promises might not be met within the brief period during which the work needs to be completed. However, the Government has assured us of building all the shelters by October 31 and we hope that this deadline is honored," she added.

Rahul and Nisha informed that they also spoke to Mr. T. Angchuk, Deputy Commissioner, Ladakh district, who assured them that building shelter before winter sets in was a priority for the government as well. The construction, they said, would soon begin once the distribution of the relief money announced by the Prime Minister is completed. They also added that Mr. Angchuk said he would reveal the rehabilitation plan in the near future.

Talking about Oxfam India’s work in the region Nisha said "We Will have to find ways of providing food security and livelihood support such as repair of irrigation canals, replanting of fruit trees, replacement of grain harvesting machines and those assets that were destroyed by the floods."

"In addition, we want to help prepare people of Leh for disasters in the future. We will see what the emerging needs of the people are and respond to them, if required," she added.

The duo visited the flood affected areas in Leh and surrounding villages on Friday. They oversaw Oxfam India’s relief efforts in Taru village and were part of the distribution of relief material for the affected people. They also went to Choglamsar village- one of the villages worst affected by the floods and also to the Solar Colony relief Camp – the biggest relief camp which house more than 200 households -- and interacted with the residents.
Nisha Agrawal CEO Oxfam India on Leh said on digital frame.

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Eid Mubarak - Parvez Hashmi MP Rajya Sabha

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Polish PM Visit to boost Indo-Polish trade

Nksagar-Sagar Media - New Delhi - Tusk held delegation level talks with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh and called on President Pratibha Patil.Tusk is a first non - communist Polish Prime Minister to visit India on an official trip.After his meeting with Singh, the two sides inked a pact to enhance cultural exchanges between India and Poland.Prime Minister Donald Tusk met with the most important Indian politicians, President Pratibha Patil, Deputy President, Chairman of the Upper House of Parliament Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Chairperson of the Indian National Congress Sonia Gandhi and head of the opposition Sushma Swaraj.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk met and took part in the working lunch with representatives of the leading Indian companies. In the morning, after the ceremonious welcome by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the head of Polish government laid a wreath of flowers in the Mahatma Gandhi Mausoleum.
The conclusion of India -EU free trade agreement is believed to have figured in
the talks. India and EU have been actively engaged on concluding this agreement for quite some time now. Poland is all set to take over the presidency of EU next year.According to External Affairs Ministry sources discussions in defence cooperation include joint ventures and transfer of technology.

Attending Polish Indian Investment Forum, Tusk added, "As India's tech hub, Bangalore is renowned the world over for its domain expertise in software, science and aerospace. Poland has been the preferred choice of Indian IT majors TCS, Infosys and Wipro to locate their outsourcing operations." Recalling the historical and cultural ties between the two countries, Tusk said the freedom struggle in India through the non-violent movement of its Mahatma Gandhi had inspired the Solidarity movement in Poland during the 1980s to rid the country of decades of communist rule.Polish leader, who is accompanied by his wife and senior government officials, addressed industry leaders in New Delhi at a luncheon meeting jointly organised by the industry chambers which was aimed at encouraging Indian investment in Poland. Negotiations are on between the companies from India and Poland for joint ventures in defence field.

Questions related to the development of economic cooperation were the leading subject of the talks. Donald Tusk told Polish journalists that Poland wanted to have the best possible relations with India. “We all know what a might and potential India represents. I must say that I find the readiness for underscoring good relations with Poland wherever I go,” he said. Donald Tusk declared that our country was especially interested in Indian investments in new technologies. “We shall encourage Indians to enter Poland more actively,” he assured. “We are a seriously treated economic partner,” added Donald Tusk.

Prime Minister Tusk remarked that a number of business undertakings of interest to Polish entrepreneurs require political support on the spot. “That is why the talks with Indian politicians are of capital importance in order to open the Indian gates for polish businessmen. In the first half of 2010, Polish-Indian trade turnover rose 13 percent as compared with the corresponding period of 2009. At the end of 2008, the value of Indian investments amounted to EUR 28 million and constituted 0.04 percent of direct foreign investments in Poland.

The prime minister stressed that Poland, which in the latter half of 2011 will preside over the European Union, has a real chance to gain the status of India’s extraordinary partner among the EU member states. “Indian politicians are well aware of the good position Poland has acquired in Europe in recent years, especially on the background of the world crisis,” he added. The EU-India summit is planned during the Polish presidency.

The head of Polish government discussed with Indian politicians the situation in Afghanistan and problems of multilateral relations. Premier Tusk added that Poland supported India’s endeavours to obtain UN Security Council membership.

Polish PM met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Later, the delegations of the two countries will have plenary talks. The “Programme of cooperation between the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and the Indian Ministry of Culture for the years 2010-2013” will be signed in the presence of both prime ministers. The programme envisages cooperation in dissemination of information on cultural heritage of the two countries, exchange of experience and implementation of joint projects in monument conservation and protection.

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India -Taiwan joint Business cooperation -Vikram Kapoor

Nksagar-Sagar Media -New Delhi : -Mr Jung-Chiou Hwang,Vice Minister,Ministry of Economic affairs of ROC said Taiwan 16 leading firms are in India to participate in trade with India and some of Taiwan niche area of business are Electronics, Computers, mobiles,Chemistry,Machinery food processing. More Air flights between Taipei- Delhi Hyderabad, Chennai needed but at present no Indian Airlines has direct flight.India needs to look Taiwan as hub of business activity for their market Minister Hwang stressed their universities excellent for Indian students for higher skilled education as per their quality in their products with students stay for 3 yrs can help them learn Chinese and is stop-over destination on way to China.

Taiwan official business delegation headed by Mr Jung-Chiou Hwang,Vice Minister,Ministry of Economic affairs and representatives from 13 local enterprises are on a one-week visit to India, starting Sept. 5, held their interactive session with Indian Inc at FICCI today Sept 07,2010, to seek business opportunities with the Indian business men in light of emerging trends .He further added that more
joint ventures and more trade will flourish the future,prosperity for both countries.There are more than 160 Taiwan companies woking in Indiaand 70 companies are operating in Tamil Naidu.

Taiwan business delegation has 16-member team represent China Steel, the state-owned RSEA Engineering Corp., companies in the optoelectronic, electronics, machinery and electrical sectors, the Department of Investment Services under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) said.

Taiwan looks for doubling its trade with India in coming years and is making sustainable efforts with the fast growing Indian economy in which electronics, communications, auto and vehicle components and machinery sectors are doing particularly well, the MOEA said in a statement.

India, with a population of more than 1.1 billion, is a market to which Taiwan ought to pay close attention, King Lee Director Institute for Information Industry said when I meets Taiwan than Its complete IT,India being good in software and Taiwan main supplier in Hardware to global market can work together to compliment each other Industry.Taiwan managing high efficient hardware,key component skill for Laptops,computers,smart phones mobiles,motherboard and innovative products in e learning and food processing.

Pradeep Kumar Rawat,DG India -Taiwan Association addressed the meet and said Taiwan trade with China is immense -India needs to develop trade with Taiwan which has best of manufacture skill where both countries has win win situation and two countries complement each others and are Made for each other .

Wang Chung-yu, chairman of the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA), one of the organizers of the trip, address the the mission said "India is an emerging market Taiwan is aiming to enhance business ties in the hope that Taiwanese companies business opportunities are immense. CIECA is a private sector group that works closely with the government to expand economic exchanges with countries that do not have official relations with Taiwan.In 1992, the CIECA established a communication channel with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, one of the most important business organizations in India.

"The delegation will try to capitalize on the links between the CIECA and the Indian chamber of commerce and gain a better understanding of the Indian market," the official said.The Taiwan delegation is scheduled to hold an economic cooperation conference in New Delhi on Sept. 7 to exchange views with their Indian counterparts and explore the possibility of joint investments.
The delegation will also visit economic development zones in New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai and meet with Taiwanese businessmen operating in those cities, the MOEA said.

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Pranay Dhabhai Managing Director - Launch Akai dual SIM Mobiles Handset

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Akai dual SIM ten models mobile handset

Nksagar-Sagar Media - New Delhi

Akai,the leading Japanese Consumer Electronics brand to flood Indian mobile handset market 100,000 per month,innovate designed to catch the consumers from all strata of society with an affordable prices between Rs 1895 to Rs7995.

AKAI branded mobile phones will be sold in India through Global Brands Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which has the brand rights for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Akai today launched of ten models in the dual SIM{GSM+GSM} category with four major market strategy .Firstly,MNC to enter with complete range of dual SIM mobiles, with an initial line up of 10
models and secondly Mobiles to contribute 40% of AKAI India’s planned turnover of 435 crore, in next 10 months.Thirdly the 'Target monthly sales of 1 lakh handsets from next month onwards," Finally 'Handsets will be currently available in 8000 outlets across India, plans to increase presence to 20000 outlets by end September 2010.'

AKAI handsets are easy to use, stylish, feature packed and come equipped with features which include Dual SIM, full touch 3-D user interface, wi-fi, long lasting battery, large high resolution QVGA screen, expandable memory, wireless FM with recording, high definition video recording, compatible with social networking sites, E-book compatibility and others providing all the right features for all target groups viz, entertainment, lifestyle, utility and contemporary. The product innovations are spread right from the product features to operation integrations and to service back-ups.

Mr Pranay Dhabhai, Managing Director, AKAI India said, “AKAI is the first multi-national brand to be introducing a complete range of mobile handsets based on dual SIM platform which is presently dominated by local Indian brands. We have introduced a range of phones that will cater to the requirements of all segments of consumers across categories. With a legacy of over eight decades of expertise in the consumer electronics industry, AKAI is renowned globally for its value-driven Japanese technology and designs across verticals. We hope to become a prominent player in the Rs. 700 bn mobile handset market in the coming years. We are expecting an overall turnover of Rs 435 crore by July 2011 and mobile sales are expected to contribute around 40% of the total revenues with targeted monthly sales of One lakh handsets from October onwards.”

AKAI intends to offer distinct products which are ROHS complied for consumer safety and will come pre-equipped with friendly features complementing the overall brand positioning of High Quality products at smart prices.

“The mobile handset market in India is growing rapidly and there is a great demand for quality handsets. With AKAI mobiles now being available in India and with our Global expertise and understanding of Indian consumer needs, we will be giving a tough time not only to the Indian brand dominating the dual SIM segment, but also the other Multi National brands dominating the Indian mobile Industry. The features which were earlier confined only to high end models of global mobile handset brands will now be available on AKAI mobile phones at affordable prices, making them more accessible to consumers especially the youth,” he added.

Company sees after service to be an area not being focused by local brands and has invested heavily in setting up a complete service network all across India. Company has 465 service centres across length and breadth of India, of which 218 service centres are dedicated to provide Mobile phone service back-up, right from basic servicing to component level repairing. AKAI Mobiles will make significant initial investments and will be setting up its level 4 service centres in Gurgaon. Global Brands was established in February 2009 with an objective to become a leading multi-brand, multi-product – sales, distribution, and logistics and after sales service company in India & neighboring countries. Company started to set up infrastructure from October 2009 and commercial activities started in January 2010. Besides being exclusive licensee for AKAI brand for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, Global Brands is also associated with HAIER brand (under an Agreement with Haier Group, China), where presently, have exclusive rights for business of Microwave Ovens and Modular Kitchens in India.

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MTS Launches Smart Phones

Gurgoan ,06 Sept 2010 Nksagar - Sagar Media: President & CEO, SSTL said, “MTS Smart Phones are among the most competitive and fully loaded devices which will set a benchmark in the industry with the 3G capabilities. I am confident that MTS smart phones will take smart phoneservices in India to a new level ensuring further expansion of our subscribers in India”.

MTS,the mobile telephony services brand of Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited today launched the elegant range of internet enabled smart phones for the trendy and technology oriented new generation mobile subscribers,especially the college going and young professionals.With state -of-the art CDMA 2000 technology platform,the range of Buzz,Alive & ivory lifestyle phones support high quality voice and net enabled data services with
best of tariff plans.

Speaking on the occasion,"Mr Vsevolod Rozanov,President & CEO,SSTL said,MTS Smart phones are among the most competitive and fully loaded devices which will set a benchmark in the industry with 3 G capabilities.I am confident that MTS smart phones will take smart phone sevices in India to a new level ensuring further expansion of our subscribers in India."

Social networking being the modern vogue,the sporting stylish designs,range provides direct access to more than fifteen popular social networking sites including Messenger,Yahoo,Windows live messengers,twitter,Facebook along with Google groups and Yahoo groups.These fancy devices offers fast internet connectivity with speeds upto 3.1 Mbps in ideal conditions.MTS so far has been offering simiar speeds on the data cards and with the launch of these smart phones,MTS now has extend the high speed mobile broadband connectivity to the smart phone too.MTS will provide 20 GB free for first two months for evey subscriber of these devices as an inaugural offer.

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Vsevolod Rozanov,Prez & CEO,SSTL - MTS Launches Smart Phones

Monday, September 6, 2010

Polish PM Donald Tusk on three-day visit to India

PM Donald Tusk on three-day visit to India
2010-09-06 06:32:46 - 6 Sept 2010 New Delhi : Nksagar - Sagar Media: Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his wife are in India today for talks on bi-lateral trade relations, part of a tour, which includes Vietnam, to increase Polish-Asian trade and investment.The talks on trade and defence issues will be a continuation of talks between the two countries which began with the President of India’s visit to Poland in April 2009.

Prime Minister will be participating on Monday in the Polish- Indian investment forum in Bangalore where he will be meeting with representatives of top Indian companies.On Tuesday, PM Tusk will have talks with President Pratibha Patil, vice president and chairman of the upper house of parliament Ansari Mohammad Hamid, Minister of Foreign Affairs Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna and head of the
Indian National Congress, Sonia Gandhi.

Discussions will focus on opportunities for investment and economic cooperation and will also address cooperation in culture and education, European issues and combating terrorism.

The trade gap - in India’s favour - will be one of the issues PM Tusk will raise during his stay in the sub continent. Though Poland exports railway and mining equipment, chemicals, metals and machinery it imports far more from India, including cash crops tea, coffee, tobacco, pepper, fibre and cotton products.

Tusk is also anxious to raise more foreign direct investment from Asia. At the end of 2008, the value of Indian investments accounted for just 0.04 percent of foreign direct investment in Poland.Next year's EU- India Summit will take place during the Polish presidency of the European Union.

Later in the week, Prime Minister Tusk will fly to Vietnam for talks with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, President Nguyen Minh Triết and the ruling Communist Party General Secretary Manh Nong Duc.MP Tusk will return to Poland on Friday.Polish media reports.

Donald Tusk arrives Monday morning in Bangalore, Poland Prime Minister will attend a programme in the city will reach the national capital New Delhi in the evening at the Air Force Station of Palam.The Prime Minister will be participating on Monday in the Polish- Indian investment forum in Bangalore where he will be meeting with representatives of top Indian companies. Indian investment in Poland by big major player of Indian Inc Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Zensar and Wipro and Laxmi Mittal investment in steel speaks economical Polish technical manpower,the easy connectivity of Poland to other European cities needs Indian businessmen and exporters for the democratic set-up free economy make Poland a hot business destination.

Donald Tusk on Tuesday morning,will be given a ceremonial reception at forecourt of the Rashtrapati Bhavan Half an hour later, at 9.30, the visiting Prime Minister will lay wreath at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat.

Poland PM will meet External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna at the ITC Maurya hotel the scheduled programme, he will meet Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj at 11.15 a.m. at the same hotel.

Donald Tusk will then call on President Pratibha Devisingh Patil at the Rashtrapati Bhavan at 12.00 p.m.Later,thereafter attend a Business Luncheon meet to be held by FICCI/CII/ASSOCHAM at Hotel ITC Maurya . Donald will call on Vice President Hamid Ansari at 4.35 p.m.

Poland Prime Minister will meet President of Congress Party and United Progressive Alliance Chairperson Sonia Gandhi at 10 Janpath.Thereafter Donald Tusk at 7.00 p.m., will be meeting with his counterpart the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and hold delegation level talks and may sign socio Polito business agreements,at the Hyderabad House.

On Wednesday, Donal Tusk the Poland PM will leave for Agra city to attend a programme. He will return to Delhi on the same day after a few hours and leave for Hanoi at 1.00 p.m. on the same day.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Felicitation - Group Captain Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Sonia Gandhi Congress chief fourth time in row

Sept 02,2010 Nksagar Sagar Media New Delhi:
Sonia Gandhi Congress President fourth time in row to be re-elected unopposed as the Congress President for the fourth consecutive term and the announcement is expected to be made on Friday.
A three-time Lok Sabha MP from Rae Bareli the fifth member of the Nehru-Gandhi family and the eighth foreign-born person to become the party chief.

In Press Conference on Thursday Sept 02,2010 it was the informed that today is the last day of filing nominations. There were 55 five sets of nominations were filed on behalf of 63-year-old Gandhi."The declaration could be made tomorrow and a certificate would be handed over to the Congress president at AICC headquarters," Oscar Fernandes, chairman of the Central Election
Authority of the party told reporters in New Delhi on Thursday.

The first group which met Gandhi and proposed her name for the top post in the party was led by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.The other groups comprising Cabinet Ministers and Congress Working Committee members was led by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi was part of another group of proposers, which was led by party treasurer Motilal Vora.Rahul filed the nomination papers on behalf of Gandhi before Fernandes.Fernandes said the Working committee would be dissolved after the formal announcement of Gandhi's name as party president.

He said a steering committee would be formed till the Plenary of the party, likely to be held by December this year.Among those who proposed her name included party chief ministers, including Sheila Dikshit of Delhi, Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan and Bhupinder Singh Hooda of Haryana.

The nominations were submitted to Fernandes, who is the returning officer for the poll.Earlier, Dr Singh, Rahul and Mukherjee met Gandhi at her 10-Janpath residence and took her consent for candidature.Union Minister R P N Singh said that the party believes in democratic process and the election for the post of Congress president is taking that process forward."Gandhi has taken the reins of the party when it was in the decline. It has been a great journey for Congress since then," he told reporters.

The election process was set in motion last week with the issue of the notification.Gandhi has created a record for the longest tenure as Congress chief by steering the party since April 1998 when she replaced the late Sitaram Kesri.Only once she had to face a contest with senior leader Jitendra Prasada throwing his hat in the ring a decade back but she had defeated him.

The electoral college for the Congress President's election comprises 7,946 PCC delegates.Sonia Gandhi - Creates History in becoming President Congress Fourth time in row of 125-year-old Congress party ascended to its president in 1998 at time of crisis and leading the success story.
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Sonia Gandhi President Congress Fourth Time

Thursday, September 2, 2010

INA Metro station wall's Crafts of India

INA Metro station wall's Crafts of India
Nksagar- Sagar Media -Seot 01,2010 New Delhi : Crafts of India -the display galleries,showcasing the rich ethical handicrafts and hand-looms of different parts of India,have been set up at the INA Metro station on the Central secretariat - Qutab Minar metro corridor New Delhi: On Inaugurating Managing Director DMRC Sh E Sreedharan offered more sites of other metro station and inside metro too.

Shri Dayanidhi Maran, Minister of Textiles, while inaugurating the “crafts of India Galleries” at INA metro station here today, stated that his Ministry has been enabling in the development of handicrafts and handloom sector in order to ensure that crafts persons and weavers who are the examples of living traditions are helped in showcasing their works at an appropriate platform.
The Textiles Ministry is also making a constant effort to acquaint people from all walks of life, particularly the youth of India and the foreign visitors with the exquisite handlooms and handicrafts of the country which are an intrinsic part of the ‘Incredible India’ story, he informed. Shri Jaipal Reddy, Minister of Urban Development, Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Panabaaka Lakshmi, Minister of State for Textiles, Ms. Rita Menon, Secretary, Textiles and Shri E. Sreedharan MD, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. were also present on the occasion.

The Minister observed that Metro Stations are popular spots in Delhi, attracting large number of footfalls every day. It was felt that showcasing the strength of Indian tradition of crafts and weaves at Metro Stations would be an excellent way to acquaint the commuters with the depth and richness of traditional crafts and weaves. Therefore, select forms of paintings, crafts tradition and weaves were accordingly chosen, characterizing the ethos and styles from across the length & breadth of the country depicting the richness of its tradition and its diversity.

The crafts of India gallery at INA Metro Station will showcase 58 Panels crafted by Master crafts persons and Weavers from Handloom & Handicrafts sector. It has 16 panels of hand embroidery, 10 panels of hand woven artifacts and 22 panels of traditional paintings and murals depicting crafts, weaving style and paintings.

INA Metro station-Wall's Crafts of India -Inaugurate-Sheila Dikshit-DMaran

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vinita Bali Chairperson - BNF _1209

'Securing Every Child's Right to nutrition' Britannia Nutrition Foundation

Nksagar-Sagar Media - New Delhi,August 31,2010 : Britannia a pioneer food company has formed the Britannia Nutrition Foundation with the belief that every child has the right to growth and development which includes not just the Right to food,but also the Rights to Nutrition. BNF to provide a forum for organizations and experts in diverse field who shares same conviction,to find business models and solutions for the multi dimensional nutrition challenge. BNF therefore has drawn framework for effective action by focusing on three main features,the scientific knowledge building, dissemination, awareness building and creating a platform for action.
Objective of the Britannia Nutrition Foundation is setting up the Britannia Nutrition Foundation was a small step that we took towards contributing to control and prevention of malnutrition. The Britannia Nutrition Foundation is an independent, autonomous, non-profit entity that will leverage the strengths of Britannia’s wide stakeholder network to address the issue of Child Nutrition. We see BNF working proactively to “secure every child’s right to growth and development” through catalyzing thought and action that drives a meaningful nutrition agenda.

CWG Organize Waste Management

CWG Organize Waste Management
Nksagar -Sagar Media New Delhi, August 31, 2010:OC CWG Delhi 2010 in order to ensure efficient Cleaning and Waste Management at the Games has given contracts to three cleaning vendors, to deal with an estimated 1,63,200 kg. of waste per day.OC Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi is committed to provide international standard of cleaning at all venues.

OC CWG Delhi 2010 to ensure efficient Cleaning and Waste Management at the Games The Organising Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi has made elaborate arrangements to ensure efficient Cleaning and Waste Management, which will facilitate smooth functioning of all the venues during Delhi 2010.

To ensure the primary collection of waste across venues, the OC has engaged three cleaning vendors, to deal with an estimated 1,63,200 kg. of waste per day.
The three vendors – ISS, Sarvatra and A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services – have been entrusted with the responsibility at the total cost of Rs. 21 crore through a global open tender process. The contract is for the period from August 1 to October 30, 2010.

ISS has the mandate of cleaning of the Main Press Centre and International Broadcasting Centre at the ITPO, Pragati Maidan, while Sarvatra will be taking care of the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Aquatics Complex and the Talkatora Indoor Stadium. A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services will be dealing with all other venues.

The service providers will arrange the requisite consumables and bins for primary collection and move them to the Waste Compound at each venue. The municipal agencies, NDMC and MCD, are responsible for secondary collection from the Waste Compounds for disposal.

Eleven Waste Compounds have been identified at all venues with the association of NDMC, MCD and CRPF. A total of 1100 waste bins have been provided by the municipal agencies.The waste will be divided into three categories – biodegradable, recyclable and sanitary waste. These will be collected in colour coded bins. Environment-friendly and World Health Organization approved chemicals are being used for disposal purposes.

Organising Committee has put in a team of 51 people to ensure world-class cleaning and waste management. Five of these people will be deployed at the OC headquarters and the rest at different venues, to ensure planning and coordination with the relevant civic agencies.

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Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland is set ...