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The GOM’s Recommendations on the CBI Functioning – A Farce
Shri Arun Jaitley 
Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha)
The Law Minister of the UPA government  along with Law Officers and officials of the PMO   were virtually caught red handed in attempting to doctor the CBI status report in the Coal Block allocation scam.  The Supreme Court expressed its’ annoyance at what the government and the CBI had done.  It has now called upon the government to file an affidavit  detailing the steps that the government  intends to take  in order to immunize  the CBI from political interference.  The weak-kneeded  UPA Government  constituted a Group of Ministers  to make appropriate recommendations with regard to  the functioning  of the CBI  and the draft affidavit  proposed to be filed before the Supreme Court.  Media reports have now indicated  that the Cabinet has approved the recommendations  of the Group of Ministers.  These recommendations included greater financial powers to the agency, a provision for time bound sanctions to investigate government officials, appointment of a Director by a collegium and the constitution of a panel of retired judges which will monitor investigations and ensure that there is no extraneous influence.
The Government made it appear  as though some earth shaking new decision had to be taken on basis of the recommendations of the Group of Ministers.  The decision taken at the meeting of the Cabinet does not in any way immunize the CBI  from political interference.  The issue of CBI ‘s functioning was debated in both Houses of Parliament and was a subject  matter of public debate   on the draft Lokpal legislation.  An essential part of the legislative exercise  was to ensure the independence of CBI and how to immunize it from political interference.  The Lok Sabha  passed the Bill but the Rajya Sabha by majority insisted on certain meaningful amendments which  resulted in the government getting the House adjourned. A Select Committee  of the Rajya Sabha was constituted which worked for a reasonable period of time  inviting public suggestions.  On behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party  three of us, Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Shri Bhupender Yadav and myself  made the following  suggestions with regard to the functioning of the CBI :-
On the basis of the above we are of the opinion that considering the enormous amount of misuse of political clout the CBI has  lost its credibility. It has therefore become important to correct this aberration.  The control of CBI thus requires to be transferred from the Deptt. Of Personnel GOI to the Lokpal in relation to all corruption cases which are  referred to Lokpal.  Alternatively in order to maintain independence of CBI and enable it to get immunity from political interference, we make the following suggestions amongst others:-
•       The CBI will have two wings.  Director CBI will head the entire organization.  Under him a separate Directorate of Prosecution should function.
•       The Investigative Wing and Prosecution Wing of the CBI should act independently.
•       The Director of CBI and Director of Prosecution  should be appointed by a collegium comprising the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha and Chairman of Lokpal.
•       Both the Director CBI and Director of Prosecution must have a fixed term.
•       Both Director CBI and Director Prosecution shall not be considered for re-employment in government after retirement.
•       The power of superintendence and direction of the CBI in relation to Lokpal referred cases must vest with the Lokpal.
•       If an officer investigating a case is sought to be transferred for any reason whatsoever, the prior approval of Lokpal should be required.
•       The panel of Advocates who appear for and advise the CBI should be independent of the Government.  They can be appointed by the Director Prosecution after obtaining prior approval of  the Lokpal. “
From amongst the above suggestions the Select Committee  accepted all the suggestions except one relating to non appointment of the Director CBI and Director Prosecution after retirement in the Government.   The said recommendations were placed before the Cabinet on 31/1/2013 and were accepted subject to certain minor modifications.  The Select Committee recommendations are a property of the House since the Committee is constituted by the house. The government or any member can only move an amendment to it.  Thus, when the Supreme Court  passed an order asking the government to  outline the steps that it intends to take  in order to immunize  the CBI from political interference the Government ought to have  placed the near unanimous recommendations of the Parliamentary Select Committee  to which even the UPA members had consented along with the additional note of the BJP  where some extra suggestions were made to aid the object of securing fairness in the functioning of the CBI.  The entire package of arrangement would have ensured the appointment of a Director by an independent process, separation of a Directorate of Prosecution which would function on an independent basis rather than just be an officer on deputation from the Law Ministry.  It would have ensured a fixed term for these high offices; there would be no fear or favour inasmuch as  senior officers of the CBI are concerned since  besides enjoying  a fixed tenure they would not be eligible  for re-employment in the government.  The power of superintendence and direction of the CBI  would vest in the Lok Pal  with the Supreme Court being the Appellate authority.  Officers investigating  sensitive cases  would not be transferred without the permission  of the Lokpal.  The panel of advocates who appear  and advise the CBI would be independent of government lawyers since  there has been a  considerable politicization in the appointment of government advocates and law officers.  This was a recommendation of the Select Committee.  It had been approved by the cabinet on 31st January 2013.  Thus, when the Supreme Court  asked the government to file an affidavit on the subject there was an existing decision which just had to be place before the Supreme court.  The Group of Minister’s recommendation and its approval by the Cabinet  ignores all the above suggestions and now  merely  makes  the CBI accountable to a panel of retired judges.
Who will select these retired judges to whom the CBI will be accountable? There are retired Judges and retired Judges. Many are men integrity wedded to judicial values. Yet, there are many who are perpetually seeking post retirement Jobs. Retired judges are an unaccountable institution. Post retirement jobs dished out to many retired judges has almost become an entitlement.  Pre retirement conduct at times has been influenced  by the desire to get post a retirement job.  I have repeatedly said that this trend of giving post retirement jobs to retiring judges requires to be discouraged if the independence of judiciary  is to be strengthened.  Government selected retired judges do not inspire confidence.  A retired judge  was recently appointed  as a Member of the National Human Rights Commission inviting  a note of dissent  from both Smt. Sushma Swaraj and myself.  His performance as a judge  did not justify the post retirement appointment.  The Government appeared extra keen  to appoint him.  Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav as Railway Minister appointed  a retired Supreme court judge as an inquiry officer under the Railways Act to  probe the burning of Sabarmati Express coaches years after the actual incident.  A retired judge  disregarded the entire evidence in which the accused had been convicted and produced a report  on how the Karsevaks by accident could have burnt the train from within.  Yet another retired judge was asked to  head the Prime Minister’s Working Group  on the constitutional  relationship between India and the State od Jammu & Kashmir.  I was a Member of the Working Group.  A report was produced  in the name of the Working Group even without a meeting of the Working Group.  The state of health of the judge when the report was published did not  inspire confidence that the report had actually been authored by him.  One cannot forget the learned judge who headed  the Commission of Inquiry  into the alleged demolition of the disputed structure at Ayodhya on 6th December, 1992.  The Commission was converted  into a self- perpetuating employment for 17 years.  It produced a report which was  not implementable and hence not implemented. Such a list is unending.   To create an institutional mechanism  of  unaccountable retired judges  appointed  by the government to whom the CBI would be accountable will only result in the government perpetuating its political control over the CBI by removing itself from the scene and creating a proxy institution which will act  on its behalf.  This move should be opposed by one and all.
The UPA has ensured its longevity by misusing the CBI.  The role of the CBI in investigating corruption cases  against the leaders of SP and BSP had only ensured  that these parties continue to support the UPA.  The role of the CBI in framing charges against BJP leaders  in Gujarat and Rajasthan has demonstrated that the CBI is acting  in order to serve the dictates of the Party in power.  The recent  decision of the Union Cabinet based on GOM recommendations is a camouflage.  It creates an illusion by removing the political executive and creating a proxy institution instead. The government’s decision is a remedy worse than the existing problem.  Let the government place before the Supreme Court the recommendations of the Select Committee, the Cabinet decision of 31stJanuary, 2013 along with the suggestions of other political parties which would result in ensuring immunity of CBI from political interference

Naidu:Doubling Natural gas price hardship to farmers

Naidu, MP & Former BJP President
The decision of the UPA government doubling the natural gas prices from $4.2 MBTU to $8.4 MBTU from 1st April, 2014 will lead to increase in power tariff and fertilizer costs and makes CNG transportation more expensive.  It is reported that power tariff will go up by Rs. 4.70 per unit for gas based plants and by almost 16 to 25 paise in other cases.  It will not be out of place to mention here that this government allowed pass-through mechanism for the power sector providing for passing on to the consumer through tariff hike any increase in cost due to import of coal.  The total cost of generation of power will go up to Rs. 6.40 per unit which in turn will substantially increase the cost of production of fertilizers.  This is totally anti-farmer and anti-people decision.
The increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of paddy is bare minimum. Just an eye-wash. The mismatch between the MSP and the Cost of Production is glaring.  Costs of all agricultural inputs went up sharply.  The government seems to be playing ignorance to the farmers’ woes.  The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has recommended an MSP of Rs.2811 but the Union Government has fixed it at Rs.1310/-.  It is even less than 45% of what the State Government recommended.  The hiked MSP does not even cover the cost of production.  Moreover, the market price of paddy is around Rs.2235. How can then the MSP be so much lower than the market price?  This only shows the anti-farmer attitude of the UPA government.  According to agricultural experts, the cost of production of paddy per acre is Rs.37,103/- and, therefore, the MSP should be Rs.2811/- Swaminathan Committee recommended a profit of 46% on the cost of production per acre.
Prices of fertilizers have increased 12 times in 36 months.  Prices of fertilizers have gone up by 300%, farm power by 20%, lubricants by 62%, Diesel pumpsets by 44%.  For example, DAP prices have gone up from 517.40 to 1315, Complex fertilizers have risen from 472 to 1298. It shows the anti-people mindset of the government.
The mandate of the UPA-II is only upto 2014.  How can this out-going government enhance the prices of LPG for coming three years?  Who gave them the authority to do so?  Even while going also, this government is continuing with its anti-people and anti-farmer polices.  The BJP will oppose this decision tooth and nail and dare the government not to even think of it.  People are waiting with vengeance to throw this government out at the earliest opportunity.  This kind of anti-people decisions will only fuel their anger and unseat this insensitive government at the Centre.

Archaeologist discover relics of Wari empire at Ancash in Peru

Pre-Inca empire tomb found in Peru
A team of archaeologists in Peru has discovered a royal tomb believed to belong to an empire that ruled the region before the Inca.

Archaeologist researchers from Peru and Poland say they found a 1,200-year-old tomb in the Ancash Region, about 280 kilometers north of the capital, Lima. The entrance of the tomb was covered with pumice stones. A main chamber contained mummified women that appear to belong to the royal family. Team too found about 1,200 burial accessories, including gold jewelry and silver bowls.

Founding of relics of old  empire called the Wari flourished in Peru between the 7th and 10th centuries. would add to unveil various useful information about the era lost history. As few details of the empire are known, including the system of government.The archeologists say this is the first tomb of the Wari empire to be unearthed. The research team encouraged says will excavate further and prepare a report. 

It has been widely reported that the government is planning to bring in an ordinance to amend RTI Act so as to exclude political parties from the ambit of RTI Act. It has also been reported that a draft in this regard has already been prepared by law ministry and sent to DoPT. Aam Aadmi Party condemns this move by the government and questions its intention.  
It is really unfortunate that the UPA government, which boasts of brining the RTI Act in existence, is killing the very essence of the Act by exclusion of political parties. Even more unfortunate is the fact that none of the other political parties have raised this issue and tried to stop this amendment from coming. This will lead to further mistrust in the minds of common people. This move will only further strengthen the suspicion that our political class are trying to save those indulging in black money and hence promoting corruption.
The root cause of corruption is political corruption. And political corruption begins with sources of political funding. Transparency in political funding is the need of the day. If Political parties are really serious to fight against corruption, they themselves should offer total transparency in their funding. On its part Aam Aadmi Party has always strived to maintain transparency in all its dealings. It has put up its donors list on the party website. We request all parties to bring in such transparent ways in their functioning so that common man starts believing in politics and politicians.

Boletín de Nueva Tribuna 
Publicidad Transportamos Opinión 760*100
Boletín informativo. Sábado 29 de Junio 2013.
Lamentable proyecto de Ley de Emprendedores 
Propuestas para la galería que lejos de crear empleo, sólo están pensadas para aumentar el beneficio de las empresas y disminuir todavía más los ingresos del Estado mediante bonificaciones en los impuestos.
España recibirá 1.900 millones para combatir el paro juvenil 
Los jefes de Estado y de Gobierno de la UE han acordado este viernes acelerar la entrada en vigor del nuevo fondo de 6.000 millones de euros para combatir el paro juvenil y concentrar el gasto en 2014 y 2015, en lugar de en siete años como estaba inicialmente previsto.
Los impuestos al alcohol y tabaco aún pueden subir en 724 millones 
Los Técnicos del Ministerio de Hacienda (GESTHA) recuerdan que, en la actualidad, el consumo de alcohol y tabaco supone para las arcas públicas, tanto de forma directa como indirecta, un coste social de 20.000 millones de euros anuales, lo que equivale al 2% del PIB.
El "error" de Hacienda con la infanta Cristina se cobra su primera víctima política 
La dimisión de Beatriz Viana, "a petición propia", se produce tras los fallos de Hacieda en relación a la supuesta venta de unos inmuebles por parte de la Infanta Cristina. El ministro Montoro desvincula su relevo de motivos políticos.
El decreto antidesahucios, al TC 
El Gobierno recurrirá al Constitucional decreto antidesahucios andaluz tras la advertencia de Bruselas de que la norma pone en riesgo el rescate bancario. 
Rajoy no se siente amenazado 
 El presidente ha pedido "celeridad" a la Justicia, a la que le ha asegurado además la colaboración de su partido con el proceso "en todo lo que pida", y no ha querido hacer otras valoraciones.
Correa: "A Bárcenas le he llevado 1.000 millones de pesetas..." 
La Audiencia Nacional ha confirmado la validez de las grabaciones que realizó el exconcejal José Luis Peña al presunto cabecilla de la Gürtel, Francisco Correa.
Acusan a Gallardón de donar a Urdangarin 140.000 euros 
El sindicato Manos Limpias, personado como acusación popular en el caso Nóos, ha presentado ante el juez José Castro un escrito para solicitar la apertura de una pieza separada con el ministro de Justicia, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón
Víctimas del franquismo piden crear una Comisión de la Verdad 
Representantes de la Plataforma por la Comisión de la Verdad han pedido a los grupos parlamentarios que insten al Gobierno a constituir una Comisión de la Verdad sobre los crímenes del franquismo.

País Vasco, Cantabria, Asturias y Galicia: zonas más vulnerables a una tormenta solar 
Las infraestructuras eléctricas del litoral de hasta cuatro comunidades autónomas distintas, País Vasco, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia podrían ser las más directamente afectadas por un evento geomagnético de carácter excepcional que alcanzase nuestra latitud. El litoral catalán y valenciano serían las siguientes zonas más expuestas según el Observatorio del Clima Espacial.
Vauban, el paraíso urbano hecho realidad 
El barrio de Vauban, a escasos cuatro kilómetros del centro de Friburgo, la capital verde europea, se ha convertido en el modelo de referencia mundial en la planificación urbanística de barrios nuevos.
Recorrido por la Terceira (Azores) volcánica 
Terceira es, al igual que el resto de las islas que forman el archipiélago de las Azores, de origen volcánico. Como tal, presenta una rica y vasta geodiversidad y un importante patrimonio geológico. Volcanes, calderas, fumarolas y grutas que se convierten en atractivo turístico y en protagonistas de impresionantes rutas de senderismo.
Ganad a Brasil jugando como los muchachos, por favor 
A la selección se le están agotando las ideas y el juego y el partido contra Italia fue un ejemplo de ello...

De brevas a higos 
Aquellos que os asoméis al mercado seguramente ya habéis notado que las brevas han llegado a nuestras vidas....
La Bicicleta Verde 
Fuckaine, grupo revelación 
Los madrileños Fuckaine lanzan sus primeras canciones entre el post-punk y la new-wave y suprimer videoclip que puedes ver y escuchar en
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En el contexto de las medidas de austeridad establecidas en la Unión Europea, junto a la ya extrema situación socioeconómica española tras dos años de recesión...
· Vicenç NavarroEl fracaso de las reformas promovidas por la Comisión Europea (incluido el comisario Almunia) 
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