Friday, May 17, 2013

Tehelka's Sting on Varun Gandhi Shows Collusion between BJP and SP to Subvert Justice

The Tehelka sting exposing how Varun Gandhi used the ruling Samajwadi Party leaders, the local BJP leaders, and the local police to intimidate and bribe the witnesses in his hate speech case to turn hostile, and secure his acquittal is a stinging indictment of Varun Gandhi, the BJP, the Samajwadi Party and indeed of the criminal justice system of the country. Varun's hate speech was particularly violent and communal and was recorded on video. Amazingly though, in the trial, the video was not produced by the police which is shown to have colluded with Varun, with the blessings of the Samajwadi party to intimidate and suborn witnesses to secure his acquittal. Surprisingly, the trial court also appears to have colluded with this blatant subversion of justice and did not even bother to investigate the mass scale witnesses turning hostile.
The fact that Varun has been promoted as the general secretary of the BJP subsequently speaks volumes about the party and it's willingness and indeed keenness to promote communal and criminal leaders. This is also reflected in the promotion of Amit Shah and Maya Kodnani by the BJP, even after they had been charge sheeted for heinous crimes. It is also reflected in the induction of the gun toting MP Rathadia by Modi into the party and his giving him a ticket for the by election in Gujarat. It is clear that for the BJP, criminals particularly communal criminals are welcome in the party and will be made leaders if they can somehow secure votes.
The Tehelka sting also exposes the bogus protestations of secularism of the Samajwadi party which has been shown as striking deals with Varun in order to help suborn justice. The sting also exposes the ease with which justice can be subverted in our criminal justice system and underlines the need for comprehensive judicial reforms.

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