Saturday, December 27, 2014

Four Good News, Piyush Goyal & Suresh Prabhu Both CAs Favor PSUs

Ravi Shankar Prasad is yet realize the Opportunities Ahead –
‘Inexpensive Broadband Services At Par With Singapore Can Be Provided
in Cities With Months Indigenous and 4G can be rolled out in months
Covering Rural Areas.

 ‘UTILITY MODEL PATENT’ to Be Introduced shall empower Millions MSMEs &
Indians to ‘Inexpensively Protect Their Inventions’ and Compete Globally.

Manufacturing FOCUS - $4000b by 2025

Large, MSMEs shall FOCUS $100Trillion Avg World Market Size between 2015-25.

This Christmas & New Year brought Four Biggest News of Lifetime –
Piyush Goyal and Suresh Prabhu both realized Power Sector and Railways
should stay with PSUs.

There was also news that RIL shall exit Oil Blocks and obviously ONGC
shall takeover and develop Oil & Gas wells – for 16 years Ambani
Brothers together Hoarding Rs.2,30,000 crores of Bank Credit were NOT
HONESTLY developing Oil & Gas blocks – charged over $10b as
Capitalization when Petrobras of Brazil capitalized just $1b for much
more Complex and Deeper wells. Airport Line in Delhi was not operated
by Anil Ambani and DMRC is operating it, who wants Rs.40 for Mumbai
Metro for 11 Km ride – we in Delhi pay Rs.15. Anil Ambani introduced
own specifications so Airport Line is not Compatible with DMRC. Fast
Meters Inflated Bills, Capitalization Delhi was tragic.

GoI can’t accept a situation when Corporate sitting on Rs.50,00,000
crores of Bank Credit doesn’t create Jobs, No IPR, No Exports of
High-Tech products.

It is unacceptable when Corporate is Hording Over Rs.50,00,000 crores
– Manufacturing is Negative and 65% employees want to SWITCH job – its
Double Tragedy Corporate don’t Engage Employees and don’t Retain Them

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