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Geeta Khanna’s opus, Style of India

dnaThe Embassy of France in India hosted the launch of stylist Geeta Khanna’s opus, Style of India, in association with her company Hirumchi Styling, and French publishers Hachette India. The launch took place on the Embassy of France premises on 16th September 2016.

The book launch, powered by Institut français India, was well attended, with over 200 guests: Intellectuals and writers, media and fraternity of art, culture and design, as well as fashion enthusiasts. His Excellency Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France delivered the welcome speech, throwing light on the many historic exchanges that took place between France and India, in fashion as well as in other key areas. According to the Ambassador, Paris being the globally-acknowledged fashion capital of the world, Embassy of France would be the right venue to host an event that revolved around style and its historic trajectories.

Well-known for her endeavour to preserve and promote the unique arts, crafts and heritage of India, Geeta Khanna has brought out a book that combines extensive research with lavish visuals. The result is a remarkable volume that spans India’s fashion and style history from the Harappan civilization to contemporary Indian fashion.

Following the launch, there was a panel discussion on Geeta Khanna’s journey as a first-time author, and the inherent necessity for a book on fashion and style in India. The panel comprised of respected names in style such as Sunil Sethi, Geeta Khanna and Tarun Khiwal. The discussion was moderated by Fatima Karan, BTVi Anchor.

The President of Indian Designers Association Sunil Sethi lauded effort of Geeta Khanna and her team to make the book valuable both in historic content as well as design.

The panel speakers touched about the potential for India to become a global leader in fashion, given its unique culture of using fabric not only for its obvious uses but also as a base for narratives.

Geeta Khanna, who also writes as Geeta Josie Khanna, is Founder and Managing Director of Hirumchi Styling Company (HSC). Educated in Delhi University, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York, she has honed her skills under Carlos Campos and Marc Jacobs in New York City.

Style of India is her first book. It is the result of her vision and travels through India to research and photograph the plethora of styles and expressions the country has to offer.

Praise for Style of India

‘A sumptuous work drawing on immense research, this volume is a remarkable view of the evolution of style in India – an ambitious and instant magnum opus that will change the way that we look at dress and fashion in the subcontinent.’ – Dr Amin Jaffer

Naresh — In this last week, polls have shown

Naresh —
In this last week, polls have shown a dramatic tightening of the race — some even show Trump winning. This comes on the heels of a very good August, in which Trump and Republicans raised $90 million. They’ve used that money to hire loads of staff and trained organizers spread out across America — it looks like they may start building a real field operation.
We’ve got a head start, but in order to maintain our lead we’re asking you to step up this weekend. We’ll be traveling to our neighboring state where the polls are especially tight, so your work will make a big difference.
The clock is ticking and voting is starting sooner than you think, so it’s more important than ever to get out there and have one-on-one conversations with our potential supporters and confirm they’re voting for Hillary.
When you join us for a day trip, you’ll have an awesome time meeting lots of new people (and even petting some friendly dogs or sampling some homemade cookies!). Most importantly, you’ll be a part of the team that’s making history.
Join us this weekend to make sure Hillary wins this November!
Hillary for New York
P.S. Still have questions about what you’d be doing? Watch the video!
Paid for by Hillary for America, a grassroots campaign of 2.3 million donors committed to electing Hillary Clinton (and keeping Donald Trump out of the White House).
Contributions or gifts to Hillary for America are not tax deductible.
This email was sent to nksagar_1@yahoo.com. This is your campaign, so if you have thoughts on anything at all, just click here to send us a message! If you’d like more information on key policies, visithillaryclinton.com/issues. Getting emails from Hillary for America is one of the best ways to stay in touch with this campaign, but if you really want to scale back, click here to receive less email and click here to unsubscribe. There are other ways to stay involved — be sure to follow the campaign on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Puedes encontrar más información sobre la campaña de Hillary en español aquí. If you’re still reading this, you must be a really dedicated Hillary supporter.Yee-haw for you! Thanks so much for doing everything you can to elect Hillary Clinton as our next president.
Hillary for America, P.O. Box 5256, New York, NY 10185

Management Issues of Attack On Army Unit & Farm Labor


EU law safeguarding the internet for half a billion people:

Dear Avaaz movement,
For 7 years we’ve fought corporate giants to save the internet, and it’s looking like WE’VE WON!!!!!
First in the US, then Brazil, India and now here’s what the top French official (and key swing vote) told us last week before he announced the EU law safeguarding the internet for half a billion people:
Sebastien Soriano
“I must confess that some of these tweets and messages that I received made me emotional… people asking me to “Save the Internet” and “Stop corporate capture…” I really wanted to respond to them.”
— Sebastien Soriano, Head of French Internet Regulator ARCEP
Officials announcing the law showed charts of unprecedented numbers of public comments – up to 640 per minute, the overwhelming majority from Avaaz!
Corporations wanted a fast internet for the mega-rich, and a slow one for the rest of us. We fought for the principle of “net neutrality” – equal internet for all!
It was a global fight that ranged across 7 years and 4 continents:
Net Neutrality US
United States – 2.5 million of us join a US Senator who threatened to block discussion by reading our signatures out from the Senate floor! The legislation dies. WIN!
Net Neutrality India
India – Avaaz partners with national campaign groups, with tens of thousands of our Indian members joining a call to the Telecoms minister. WIN!
Net Neutrality Brazil
Brazil – Large numbers of parliamentarians actually join our campaign, helping to pass “the Marco Civil – the most advanced law to protect the internet in the world.” WIN!
Net Neutrality EU
Europe – Telecoms giants launch a massive push to get loopholes in our hard won net neutrality law. We stop them. The press doesn’t normally tell happy stories, but this is one they’re raving about. Read about the latest victory for people power inReuters,TagesspiegelPoliticoEFEEuractiv and the Wall Street Journal. WIN!
Net Neutrality Media
The internet is more than just another issue. It’s a profound empowerment of human beings to connect us to each other. Net inequality would have channeled that power to the rich few – their websites would have loaded much faster and worked better than small businesses, bloggers, or nonprofits like Avaaz.
But we used the power of our connection to defend connection itself, and net neutrality is now the standard for the internet everywhere.
And that’s a sign of hope for every challenge the world faces. Because as long as we stick together, and stay connected, we CAN build the world we all dream of.
With joy and gratitude,
Ricken, Alice, Ben, Luca, Pascal, Emma, Fatima, Wissam and the whole Avaaz team
P.S. Avaaz can only do all this because we are 100% funded by small individual donations — no corporate, government, foundation, or large donor money. To keep our work for Internet Freedom going, chip in here:https://secure.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet_donate/
* And a big THANK YOU and CONGRATS to all our amazing allies involved in winning these historic victories in each country, especially: Access Now, Digitale Gesellschaft, DemandProgress, EFF, EDRi, Fight for the Future, FreePress, Gilberto Gil, La Quadrature du Net, MoveOn, Save the Internet, World Wide Web Foundation, The Right to Know campaign and so many more!

BRICS Business Forum & B2B Meetings

BRICS Business Forum & B2B Meetings
12 – 14 October, 2016, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Greetings from FICCI!
As you may know, India has taken over the Chairmanship of BRICS from Russia onFebruary 15, this year. There are various BRICS related engagements that have been planned for this year in India on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit meeting in October 2016.
One of the key business engagements during the BRICS summit in India will be the BRICS Business Forum. BRICS Business Forum is a key platform for BRICS business and government leaders to discuss the economic agenda for furthering trade and investments amongst the BRICS nations.
During India’s Chairmanship, the Seventh BRICS Business Forum will take place on 13th October 2016 at the ITPO grounds in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. Some of the highlights of the Business Forum in India will be the participation of the Trade and Economy Ministers from the BRICS member countries and an interactive special session with the President of the New Development Bank, Mr K.V. Kamath, as well as sector focused sessions.
Delegates from Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa in the sectors of Agriculture and Agro Processing, Auto and Auto Components, Chemicals, Gems & Jewellery, Green Energy, Handicrafts, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, High Technology (Including Railways), Home Textile and Furnishing, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure (Including Urban Infra), Leather & Footwear, Mining and Metallurgical Industries, Skills Development, Start Ups, Sustainable Innovations, Textile, Apparel & Sportswear, Tourism etc are invited to participate.
The Business forum also provides opportunity to pre-fix your B2B meetings on 12th & 14th of October. Registered delegates would be able to view the profiles & business interests of all delegates/Exhibitors from India & abroad and would be able to fix their meetings with them.
Given the importance of this engagement and opportunity to interact with various stakeholders from the Government, industry and leading industry associations from the BRICS nations, I invite you to join us for the BRICS Business Forum.
For any further details on the BRICS Business Forum, please contact my colleague Amit Tyagi (amit.tyagi@ficci.com) and Samrat Soo (samrat.soo@ficci.com)
Please visit our website https://www.bricsbusinesscouncil.in/forum.php for further details and registration for the BRICS Business Forum.
Looking forward to your participation.
Kind regards,
Nirankar Saxena
Senior Director, FICCI

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