Saturday, October 15, 2016

Delhi LG has a lot to answer and should stop behaving as spokesperson of his newly adopted political master – the BJP
Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Mr Najeeb Jung, who is the only political appointee of the previous Congress-led UPA government to have has so far managed to survive in the current BJP regime, should stop behaving like a political spokesperson of his latest adopted outfit – the BJP.
The Aam Aadmi Party categorically states that Mr Jung is hiding behind the Narendra Modi government to cover-up his unconstitutional and illegal actions.
Mr Jung should know fully well that before him, his newly adopted political masters in the Modi government have unsuccessfully tried to browbeat the elected Delhi government and the Aam Aadmi Party with the threat of unleashing the caged parrot, the CBI on us.
Mr Jung should in no uncertain terms convey to his political masters that the AAP and the Delhi government cannot be cowed down by the threat of using the caged parrot, the CBI for political vendetta against us. The AAP government of Delhi is working for the people and is not afraid of Mr Jung’s machinery and falsehoods being spread by him.
Modi government has unleashed all its agencies against the Delhi government, but has failed to find any wrongdoing and it is welcome to continue its efforts in future also.   
It may be a matter of survival for Mr Jung to intimidate the officers working for Delhi government, but his actions are clearly unbecoming of the constitutional post held by him and his desperate attempts to please his newly adopted political master will not deter the AAP to continue working for the people of Delhi.
Mr Jung may be afraid that in case he does not dance to the tune of his political masters in the BJP’s central government, then the files related to his highly dubious role as the then joint secretary in the union petroleum ministry when the alleged irregularities were committed in the multi-million-rupee Mukta-Panna oilfields contract, awarded to the joint venture between Reliance Industries Ltd and the American company, Enron, may be reopened by the CBI.
The AAP will fully expose the numerous acts of omission and commission of Mr Jung in various capacities. The party will also expose how Mr Jung had tried to avoid holding fresh assembly elections in Delhi in 2015 by having unsuccessfully tried to install a BJP government through horsetrading, but all his attempts to please his newly adopted political masters fell flat.
It is strange that Mr Jung, whose own role is under the scanner in the CNG fitness scam, is presiding over the Delhi ACB to harass the ministers and MLAs of Delhi.
The AAP challenges Mr Najeeb Jung to answer the following questions instead of indulging in empty political rhetoric :
1)      Why is the Delhi LG unable to state under which provision of the Constitution, law or rule has he formed a three-member committee to examine the Delhi government files ?
2)      On whose illegal instructions did Mr Jung form this committee, about which he is fumbling for words to explain under which law/rule this committee has been formed ?
3)      Can Mr Jung deny that he is violating his oath of office and secrecy by showing official files to outsider individuals ?
4)      Can Mr Jung cite a single rule under which Delhi government officers are being verbally summoned before the unconstitutional and illegal committee ?
5)      Can Mr Jung deny that he regularly calls senior officers and orders them to bypass the ministers of the elected government to slow down government decisions and derail pro-people measures ?    

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