Sunday, October 16, 2016

Min Uma Bharti:Saraswati river did exist
October 16, 2016
Government constituted expert committee has said that the Saraswati river was not mythical and it existed. The seven-member committee, headed by Professor K.S. Valdiya yesterday, submitted the report to the government. Professor Valdiya, an eminent geologist, said this report is based on the study of the land texture of states of North-West India including- Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab.
Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti said, the report is an assertion of the assumption that River Saraswati originated from Adibadri in Himalaya to culminate in the Arabian Sea through the Runn of Kutch.
She said, the report has been prepared by a group of eminent geologists, who are experts and well-known across the world for revealing the hidden truths of land texture, rocks and mineral treasure so there is no doubt on this revelation.
The Minister pointed out that this river was once upon a time the lifeline of the north- western states of India and a vibrant series of civilizations from Mahabharat period to Harappa had flourished on the banks of this river.
The Minister added that the report will be studied by the Central Ground Water Board as well as the Experts in her ministry for its optimum use. She said the report will be submitted before the Cabinet also for further action

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