Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Top Things To Do in Udaipur in 48 hours

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Marcy Robison
imvoyager.com - Udaipur, the city of lakes is one of the throbbing tourist hubs in India. It has lots to offer in terms of culture, history, nature, spirituality and food. Beautifully surrounded by the Aravalli mo...

Balochistan student seeks MEAs help to fulfil his wish to become a doctor

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Subodh khanna
indiatoday.intoday.in - In 2012, Pakistani Hindu student Sagar Udassi (20) and his family moved to India along with his family. He was hoping for a brighter future and an escape from religious persecution in Balochistan. ...

Fake Call Centre Scam Mastermind Sagar Thakkar's 'Guru' Arrested

ndtv.com - Thane:  A Mumbai businessman who 'mentored' Sagar Thakkar alias Shaggy, the alleged mastermind of the multi-million dollar fake call center racket, wherein US-based taxpayers were allegedly conned ...

Kate Spade New York's marketing director: 'Having a life outside is essential'

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Sandra NB
campaignlive.co.uk - My career has blossomed since the Power 100 Next Generation article. I moved into the international division of Banana Republic. I visited places I had always wanted to: Panama, Vietnam, Singapore,...

Thane call centre scam: Cops get kingpin’s ex-boss in Borivali - Mumbai Mirror -

mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com - Jagdish Kanani had hired Sagar Thakkar at his Ahmedabad con call centre three years ago. They fell out over money, after which Thakkar launched his own call centre in Mira Road Mumbai: In a massive...

Dark side of call centre industry | ETtech

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timesofindia.indiatimes.com - The family of 21-year-old Jignesh Verma sympathised with him. He had a stressful job at a call centre in Mira Road, they assumed, which required odd hours at work, engaging Americans in polite conv...
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Why CarIQ is betting on car owners | Techcircle.in - India startups, internet, mobile, e-commerce, software, online businesses, technology, venture capital, angel, seed funding

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techcircle.vccircle.com - Owning a depreciating asset such as a car requires constant maintenance. Going to a service centre means dealing with personnel who do not fully understand automobiles, and most customers tend to g...
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Woman from North Carolina," and "Skirmish in Orbit" (Teresa McLaughlin (Teresa Ann McLaughlin))

scriggler.com - Here are 2 subchapters from the 1st book of the series, "The Love of the Tayamni." "Woman from North Carolina," occurs after we learn of the disappearance of Batresh's vehicle. "Skirmish in Orbit,"...
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