Sunday, February 5, 2017

Experts on Union Budget 2017-18

Union Budget 2017 Analysis
Steadying the ship
Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Pratap Bhanu Mehta writes in The Indian Express that through this budget the government is trying to steady the ship after the demonetisation shock, explaining how it ‘is an exercise in forward-looking but cautious prudence’.

Jaitley’s budget takes the Left-of-centre space from the Opposition
Rajiv Kumar
In an article in Hindustan Times, Rajiv Kumar writes that the budget is what the ‘doctor ordered for the economy’, as it addresses the critical tasks of ‘generating employment, promoting private investment, pushing up consumption, improving delivery of subsidies and public services’. 

A Budget for sustainable growth
Rajiv Kumar
in The Hindu, Rajiv Kumar further writes on how the budget fulfills the three principle goals of reviving domestic investment; generating employment opportunities; and cleansing the economy of black money flows.

A status quo budget for the social sector
Yamini Aiyar
Yamini Aiyar writes in Livemint and in a Hindi article in Amar Ujala that the budget has maintained the status quo, as far as social sector schemes are concerned, and has been ‘remarkably silent’ on restructuring the ‘financing architecture for social policy post the 14th Finance Commission’.

Status quo for majority of social sector schemes
Avani Kapur
Avani Kapur reiterates this in another article in Deccan Herald, writing that despite riding high on expectations, Budget 2017 did not offer any major changes in majority of social sector schemes.

When it Comes to Education, the Budget’s Attention Deficit Continues
Kiran Bhatty
Kiran Bhatty writes in The Wire that the ‘attention deficit’ towards education remains unchanged in this year’s budget.

Times Now - Budget 2017 Analysis (Video)
Rajiv Kumar
On a Times Now panel, Rajiv Kumar provides a detailed analysis of Budget 2017.

CNN News18 - Budget Impact (Video)
Sanjaya Baru
Appearing on CNN News18, Sanjaya Baru discusses how the budget needs to be supplimented with a more efficient tax administration in order to 'widen the tax net'.

Accountability Initiative Budget Briefs: Social Sector Analysis
Find the complete set of budget briefs by Accountability Initiative analysing 7 social sector schemes for 2017-18, along with an animated video explaining the complexity of fund-flow, as well as a series of 6 short learning videos, which break down how to analyse the budget.

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