Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wikileaks Release under FBI & CIA investigation

United States, Federal agencies have launched a criminal investigation into the public release of documents by Wikileaks. US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said, both Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and CIA are co-ordinating the inquiry.

In a statements, spokesman of CIA, Jonathan Liu said, the inquiry would also try to establish whether the disclosure was a breach from inside or outside the CIA. He said, such disclosures not only jeopardise US personnel and operations, but also equip the adversaries of US with tools and information to do harm. However, CIA, FBI and White House have declined to comment on the authenticity of the files leaked.

WikiLeaks has published thousands of documents yesterday, purportedly taken from the CIA claiming that America's premier spy agency partnered with foreign intelligence agencies to turn TVs and smartphones into weapons for surveillance.

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