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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today met and interacted with 20 top American CEOs at a roundtable meeting in Washington DC.
Welcoming the CEOs, the Prime Minister said that the world is focused on India’s economy. He said a young population and a rising middle class are among factors which generate global interest in the Indian economy, especially in areas such as manufacturing, trade and commerce, and people to people contacts.
He said that in the last three years, the Union Government in India has focused on improvement in quality of life of the people.
The Prime Minister said this requires global partnership. And therefore, he added, the Union Government in India is working on principles such as Minimum Government, Maximum Governance.
The Prime Minister spoke of the recent reforms, and noted that the Union Government alone has initiated 7000 reforms. He said this indicates India’s quest for global benchmarks. He mentioned the Government’s emphasis on efficiency, transparency, growth and benefit for all.
On GST, the Prime Minister said that this is becoming a reality after years of effort. He added that its implementation is a complex task that may well be the subject of future case-studies. He added that this shows India can take big decisions and implement them swiftly.
CEOs appreciated the Prime Minister for his policy initiatives and the work done in recent times towards ease of doing business. Initiatives such as Digital India, Make in India, Skill Development, Demonetization and the thrust towards renewable energy came in for much appreciation from a number of CEOs. Several CEOs showed their willingness to be partners in skill development and education initiatives. They also mentioned social initiatives being undertaken by their companies in India, in spheres such as women empowerment, digital technology, education and food processing. Themes such as infrastructure, defence manufacturing and energy security also came up for discussion.
In conclusion, the Prime Minister thanked the CEOs for their observations. Looking forward to his meeting with President Trump tomorrow, he said India and the US have shared values. He said if America becomes stronger, India will be a natural beneficiary. He also added that India believes that a strong America is good for the world. He sought enhanced attention from the CEOs in areas such as women empowerment, renewable energy, startups and innovation. He suggested linking sanitary practices, products and technologies with the requirements of school going girls. He reiterated that his primary interest is improving the quality of life in India.
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NAPM Condemn Lynching of Muslim Youth-Junaid 
Demand strict action against all those guilty
New Delhi | 26th June: National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) is shocked and horrified by the gruesome murder of sixteen year old Junaid Khan in running train enroute to Mathura from Delhi on 22nd June. This happened in public view inside a train where ordinary people were travelling to their respective destinations. Junaid and his three brothers were returning after shopping for Eid. The attackers were calling them ‘beef eaters’ and taunted for their appearance. The attack happened mainly due to their appearance as Muslim fellows. What is shocking is the involvement of ordinary people in this incident. We learn from newspaper reports that the CCTV recordings at the railway station have been tampered with that there is much silence about the incident with hardly anyone coming forward to talk about what happened on that fateful day.

We hold the politics of RSS and its political outfit BJP directly responsible for such outburst of hatred. Sangh Parivar has decorated people who have openly abused minorities, have failed to rein in cow vigilantes who have been on killing spree all over the country, their online sena are spreading fake videos and messages depicting Muslims as anti-nationals and supporter of Pakistan and their divisive and dirty politics over beef has poisoned the minds of ordinary people. The designs of the BJP government was out in the open when in 2016 Haryana government had assigned the police to check samples of biryani for beef.  We also see it as RSS-BJP  efforts towards Nationalization of the Gujarat-2002 Model – killings of Muslim and Dalit citizens on one hand and throttling of the constitution on the other.

NAPM stands with the family of Junaid and prays for his brother who has been stabbed and is in serious condition. We demand a high level probe and immediate arrests of all those guilty. We demand ban on cow vigilante outfits whose soul aim is to terrorise and extort money.

Today, two members of NAPM-Vimal Bhai and Uma-visited the family of deceased Junaid and expressed condolences. A detailed write-up based on their visit will be issued shortly.

We call upon all the progressive forces of the country to join hands and resist the fascist onslaught the kind this country has never seen before. NAPM along with like-minded organisations will fight the communal and divisive forces with all its strength.

Contact: 9718479517

Medha Patkar, Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) and National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)
Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey and Shankar Singh Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS) and National Campaign for People’s Right to Information and NAPM
Prafulla Samantara, – Lok Shakti Abhiyan & NAPM, Odisha;
Lingraj Azad – Samajwadi Jan Parishad – Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti, NAPM, Odisha;
Binayak Sen and Kavita Srivastava, People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)
Sandeep Pandey, Socialist Party and NAPM, Uttar Pradesh
Sudhir Vombatkere, Senior Activist, NAPM, Karnataka
Gabriele Dietrich, Penn Urimay Iyakkam, Madurai and NAPM, TN;
Geetha Ramakrishnan, Unorganised Sector Workers Federation, NAPM, TN;
Arul Doss, NAPM Tamil Nadu
Arundhati Dhuru, Nandlal Master, Manesh Gupta – NAPM, UP;
Richa Singh, Sangatin Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan, NAPM-UP
Vilayodi Venugopal, CR Neelakandan and Prof. Kusumam, NAPM, Kerala
Vimal Bhai – Matu Jan Sangathan, NAPM-Uttarakhand & Jabar Singh, NAPM, Uttarakhand;
Sister Celia – Domestic Workers Union & NAPM, Karnataka;
Rukmini V P, Garment Labour Union, NAPM, Karnataka;
Anand Mazgaonkar, Krishnakant – Paryavaran Suraksh Samiti, NAPM Gujarat;
Kamayani Swami, Ashish Ranjan – Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan & NAPM Bihar;
Mahendra Yadav – Kosi Navnirman Manch, NAPM Bihar;
Sister Dorothy, NAPM Bihar
Dayamani Barla, Aadivasi-Moolnivasi Astivtva Raksha Samiti, NAPM Jharkhand
Dr. Sunilam and Adv. Aradhna Bhargava – Kisan Sangharsh Samiti  NAPM Madhya Pradesh
Bhupender Singh Rawat – Jan Sangharsh Vahini, NAPM, Delhi
Rajendra Ravi, Nanu Prasad, Madhuresh Kumar, Amit Kumar, Himshi Singh, Uma Kapari, Zaved Mazumder, NAPM, Delhi
Faisal Khan, Khudai Khidmatgar, NAPM Haryana
J S Walia, NAPM Haryana;
Kailash Meena, NAPM Rajasthan;
Amitava Mitra & Avik Saha, NAPM West Bengal;
  1. Chennaiah, Andhra Prdaesh Vyavasaya Vruttidarulua Union (APVVU) and NAPM-AP
Ramakrishnam Raju, United Forum for RTI and NAPM, AP
Suniti SR, Suhas Kolhekar, Prasad Bagwe – NAPM, Maharashtra;
Gautam Bandopadhyay, NAPM, Chhattisgarh
Anjali Bharadwaj, National Campaign for People’s Right to Information and NAPM
Kaladas Dahariya, RELAA, NAPM, Chhattisgarh
Bilal Khan, Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, Mumbai,
Meera Sanghamitra, NAPM Telangana-AP
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Continuing with it’s commitment of creating mass awareness towards fast track implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), unveiled “GST White Paper” in a well-attended conference organised in New Delhi. 
Consisting all the important aspects of GST and its compliance, “GST White Paper” released by CAIT is meant to empower the traders with all the required knowledge pertaining to GST and moreover, it is also intended to make traders and others GST compliance.
In the run up to GST which is slated to be implemented from July 1, CAIT has already taken the note of the ground reality that a large number of traders across the country still remain unaware about the basic fundamentals of GST and the compliance obligations. Apart from educating traders and other sectors, on the core factors of GST, the white paper released by CAIT also represents its viewpoints on the new law and helps readers understand the nation’s biggest tax reform in a cohesive manner.
Unveiling the “GST White Paper”, CAIT National President Mr. B. C. Bhartia & Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal in a joint statement released in the conference today said, “Though GST is going to be implemented in less than a week from today, yet large number of traders across the Country are still unknown about not only the basic fundamentals of GST but even the compliance obligations. Through this White Paper, we intend to disseminate vital information on Goods & Services Tax (GST) to traders and people in general. It is important for the traders and all to understand that GST being a technology based taxation system is much different from the current VAT, Excise & Services Tax regime. Stated to be a landmark reform in Indirect Taxation System of the Country, it has several aspects of compliance which can be fulfilled only through digital technology.”
For seamless GST implementation, CAIT has already taken a big leap forward in its attempt to train and educate the trading fraternity on GST compliance and adoption of digital payments through its national campaign launched on May 01, 2017 in association with MasterCard, HDFC Bank and Tally Solutions under which more than 130 market camps, seminars and workshops are being organised in close vicinity of small traders across the country in various geographies of the country. 
CAIT has also launched Digi Varta national campaign including “DIGITAL RATH” to educate and empower small business and the trading community on enhanced adoption of digital payments. The mega initiative will also help traders’ transition towards the GST regime. Besides trading community, CAIT has also aimed to reach out to the farmers, transporters, hawkers, small and medium enterprises, consumers, women entrepreneurs and self-employed groups, among other sections. Obviously, this campaign by CAIT is in line with the prime minister’s efforts for converting the Indian economy into a cashless economy.


7th National Conference on Scientific Updates on Zoonotic Diseases Control at AIIMS New Delhi on 6th July 2017
Venue:  Dr Ramalingamswami Board Room AIIMS New Delhi
Organisers: Millennium India Education Foundation  AND 
                      Division of Clinical Microbiology & Molecular Medicine AIIMS
Dear Colleagues/Friends 
why important to attend:  
Conference would discuss about how to diagnose early,treat effectively, manage and follow preventive guidelines on some of the animal diseases(pets,wild,birds,domestic etc) which are knocking at our doors to cross thier primary host barriers and infect human beings.
It is well established scientifically established that almost 70% of human infections are traced to animals as primary hosts.

This conference will mainly focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration for promoting animal and human health and will provide a common platform for veterinary, medical and environmental professionals where they can interact  with  each  other  and  share  their  experiences  in  preventing  the  spread  of Zoonotic diseases.


Please be informed that the venue can accommodate only up to 100-120 delegates and which will be filled on first cum first serve basis. 

Some of the key areas to be covered in this conference are:

  1. All About Zika diagnosis by Prof. of Medicine Dr Kamlesh Upadhyay B J Medical college Ahmadabad Gujarat where first case of Zika in India has been diagnosed.

  1. Preventing Rabies by using Rabies Immunoglobulins directly in the wound bitten by suspected rabid animal  by epidemiologist Dr Omesh Bharati Himachal Pradesh Health services Shimla HP

  1. Biotechnological approach to prevent zoonotic diseases by Dr Lal Krishna Former Animal Husbandry commissioner Govt.of India & Chief Consultant Dept.of Biotechnology Govt.of India

  1.   Zoonotic diseases on North India Watch List by Dr P K Uppal ,the first Indian scientist who isolated NIPPAH virus in Malaysian outbreak in 1998.

  1. Sea Food (Aquatic-Fish) and wild animal zoonosis by Dr Jyoti Misri ICAR
  1. Need to Study Economic Impact of zoonotic diseases in human by Dr Uday Kakroo convenor conference and Director Millennium India Education Foundation New Delhi

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Uday Kakroo                                                                 Dr Sarman Singh
Convenor                                                                       Organising Chairman
Director MIEF                                                   HOD of Clinical Microbiology &                                                                                   Molecular Medicine AIIMS
Ph 9810301261                                                                        Ph 9810813435
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Twister Entertainment cordially invites you to attend the Press Conference & to share with you the uniqueness of their latest film

(Indian film based on the attempt to showcase the psyche of Haryana in the aftermath of Jaat Reservation Agitation 2016.)

To be addressed by:
  • Randeep Hooda
  • Kuldeep Ruhil (Director)

Time: 4:00 pm
Date: 27th June 2017 (Tuesday)
Venue: Spice Cinemas, Sec 25 A, Noida

You are requested to send correspondents/ photographers/ camera crew for the Press Conference.

Shailesh Giri
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Today the entire funiture market across India is closed on the important ffestival day of Eid because the Furniture trading fraternity feels that being  in 28% Slab of G.S.T will harm  the entire furntiure manufactuering  and trading companies with such high slab from 12 % to 28 5. Furntiure business fraternity  categorically telling media that it is not acceptable to us:
The decision of inclusion of ‘Furniture’ in 28% Slab of G.S.T and it being declared as an item of luxury, along with decrease of import duty on Furniture Goods to 10% is surely to bring doomsday to India Furniture Industry. It is also an irony when Government is promoting ‘Make In India’, this decision is surely against Spirit of ‘Make in India’, allowing the markets to be flooded by more imported Goods. In regards to this, we considered certain points, and demands:
  1. It is already well known fact that imported Furniture Goods have encroached its way up to 60% of total Market Share which has already become a threat for Indian Manufacturers. Now as mentioned above, the decision of Government to further decrease the import Duty will surely add to insurmountable problems presently faced by Industry. Foreign Goods will encroach the more of markets, which shall render 2 Lakh 70 Thousand Professionals adjoined with industry Jobless and this will be a BLACK DAY in history of Indian Manufacturing Industry.
  2. In today’s world, from Offices to Hospitals, from Schools to Homes, Furniture has surely become a necessity. Not only this, Indian usually Gift furniture for e.g. Bed, Sofa etc. in Daughters’ wedding, and moreover In Business premises, Office Furniture is a “must” need.
Then, this is totally incomprehensible, on what basis G.S.T Council declared Furniture as “Luxury”, whereas Gold, Silver and Diamond which are more of Luxury are surely underrated by G.S.T council.
  1. As request of Furniture manufactures, Furniture regardless Manufactured of Wood, Iron, Steel, Iron, Glass, Cane should be kept under G.S.T slab of 12.5% instead of proposed 28%.
  2. The said exemption of 75 Lakhs should be withdrawn, for benefit of Industry, as it will allow an alleyway for people to evade tax and will promote corruption.
  3. Furniture Industry is in unbreakable relation with professionals and worksmen. More than 85% of these professionals and worksmen belong to Low-income class and are unorganized. Hence, for their Benefit, all the Furniture Items should be included under 1 HSN code.
When Delhi Furniture Association and Members of Confederation of All Furniture Market Association of India not only considered abovementioned points, in addition, to also support the included demands, shall close all their Business Premises, Showrooms, Factories to Organize an Protest/Dharna on 26_27 June. Many of them will gather at Shaheed Bhagat Singh PARK, Furniture Market, for suggestions regarding this movement. After which, A Delegation shall present a memo to Finance Minister of the Country, Shree Arun Jaitely.


Ratinder Pal Singh Bhatia
Delhi Furniture Federation
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Delhi Furniture Federation call mass protest and strike against inclusion of Furniture in 28%GST slab by Central Govt.

From: Shakti Vidyarthi on Sun, 25 Jun 2017 19:53:34 Add to address bookTo: You & 1 other | See Details
Dear Media Friends!!,
Please find attached invitation of Delhi Furniture Federation call mass protest and 3 days all India strike against inclusion of Furniture in 28% G.S.T slab by Central Govt.
Media Conference will be organised on 26/6/2017 at Press Cub of India, Time 3.00 pm.
We kindly request you to send a journalist/photo journalist/cameraman of your esteemed publication/News Channels for cover this program.

Best Regards,
Shakti Raj Vidyarthi
M @ 9711118189
S. S. Media Communications
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