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Secretary-General António Guterres addresses Security Council meeting on Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Preventive Diplomacy and Transboundary waters. To his right is President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia. UN Photo/Kim Haughton
6 June 2017 – Stressing the importance of diplomacy to prevent and resolve trans-boundary disputes over water resources, Secretary-General António Guterres today told the United Nations Security Council that water serves as “a catalyst” for cooperation among nations, even those that are not on good terms.
Water, peace and security are inextricably linked,” said Mr. Guterres during a meeting on preventive diplomacy and trans-boundary waters, which was chaired by Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, which holds the Council’s presidency for the month.
“I commend this Security Council meeting for highlighting how water is and should remain a reason for cooperation not conflict,” Mr. Guterres added.
With climate change having a growing impact, water scarcity is a growing concern, he pointed out, noting that by 2050 at least one in four people will live in a country where the lack of fresh water is chronic or recurrent.
Three-quarters of UN Member States share rivers or lake basins with their neighbours. There are more than 270 internationally shared river basins, which serve as the primary source of fresh water for approximately 40 per cent of the world’s population, including the Nile, the Indus, the Ganges, the Euphrates-Tigris, and the Mekong.
“That is why it is essential that nations cooperate to ensure water is shared equitably and used sustainably,” he said.
In the second half of the 20th century alone, some 287 international water agreements were signed.
In South America, Lake Titicaca, the largest freshwater lake on the continent, has long been a source of cooperation between Bolivia and Peru. The 1960 Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan has survived three wars between the two countries.
The Albufeira Convention, agreed when Mr. Guterres was Prime Minister of Portugal, continues to promote good relations on water management between his country and Spain.
The Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes became open for all UN Member States as of March last year, offering the opportunity to create a global framework for preventive diplomacy for dealing with transboundary water issues.
“Let us commit to investing in water security to ensure durable peace and security for all communities and nations,” he concluded.
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Cabinet approves MoU between India and Korea for export credit of USD 9 billion
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) and Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM) for export credit of USD 9 billion for infrastructural development in India and for the supply of goods and services as part of projects in third countries.
The MoU is proposed to be signed between the two banks during the forthcoming visit of the Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley, to Seoul, Korea during 14-15 June 2017 for the Annual Financial Bilateral Dialogue. The decision is expected to promote the country’s international exports, and deepen political and financial ties between India andKorea. The export credit will be utilized through lending by EXIM Bank for promoting projects for priority sectors, including smart cities, railways, power generation and transmission etc., in India and for the supply of goods and services from India and Korea as part of projects in third countries.
v     Cabinet approves agreement between India and Cyprus on Merchant Shipping
The Union Cabinet chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its ex-post facto approval to the Agreement between India and Cyprus on Merchant Shipping, which was signed in April 2017. The Agreement in Merchant Shipping will pave the way for cooperation in eliminating any hindrances which may hamper the development of sea trade between the two nations. The MoU will encourage participation in the transport of goods between the countries, and also from third countries. The MoU further seeks to enhance cooperation for employment, improvement of conditions of work and for the welfare of seafarers employed on each other’s vessels.
v     Cabinet approves Bilateral MoU between India and Iran
The Union Cabinet chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the Bilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO), Iran in relation to mutual cooperation on matters pertaining to securities markets. The MoU is likely to promote further development of economic links and cooperation between the two regulators, and aims at creating conditions for an effective development of securities markets in the two countries. It would also contribute towards strengthening the information sharing framework between the two countries. It is expected to add value to overseas mutual cooperation and regulation activities of SEBI and SEO, Iran. The MoU is expected to contribute towards strengthening the information sharing framework between SEBI and SEO, Iran.
v     Cabinet approves MoU between India and Mali for standardization and conformity assessment
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its ex-post facto approval to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India and Direction Nationale De Industries (MLINDI), Republic of Mali on Standardization and Conformity Assessment. The MoU aims to facilitate closer cooperation and provide a mechanism by which India and Mali can work together towards the common aim of strengthening standardization and conformity assessment activities in order to facilitate sharing of expertise and mutual trade.
v     Cabinet approves Agreement between India and Somalia on transfer of sentenced persons
The Union Cabinet chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval for signing and subsequent ratification of the Agreement on Transfer of sentenced persons between Indi and Somalia. Signing the Agreement with Somalia shall facilitate the Indian prisoners imprisoned in Somalia or vice-versa to be near to their families, for serving remaining part of their sentence and shall facilitate their social rehabilitation. The Government of India has signed bilateral Agreements on Transfer of Sentenced Persons with United Kingdom, Mauritius, Bulgaria, France, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Brazil, Israel, Bosnia & Herzegovina, UAE, Italy, Turkey, Maldives, Thailand, Russian Federation, Kuwait, Vietnam, Australia, Hong Kong, Qatar, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain and Estonia.
v     Cabinet approves Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Securities and Exchange Board of India and European Securities and Markets Authority
The Union Cabinet chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in relation to Mutual Co-operation. The MoU is likely to establish cooperation arrangements as a precondition for ESMA to recognize Central Counter Parties (CCPs) established in India and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Board of India to provide clearing services to clearing members or trading venues established in the European Union and to provide ESMA with adequate tools to monitor the on-going compliance by the Covered CCPs with the Recognition Conditions.
v     Cabinet approves transfer of 4.64 hectares of land belonging to Indian Institute of Soil & Water Conservation (IISWC) Research Centre at Vasad, Gujarat to National Highways Authority of India
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the proposal for transfer of 4.64 hectares (46384 Sq. meters) of land belonging to the Indian Institute of Soil & Water Conservation (IISWC) Research Centre at Vasad, District Anand, Gujarat under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) on payment of compensation amounting to Rs. 12.67 crore for extension and six laning of Ahmedabad – Vadodara Highway on NH-8. The NH-8 is an important highway connecting Vadodara and Ahmedabad. The transfer of land to the NHAl for construction of extension and six laning of Ahmedabad – Vadodara section of NH-8 is likely to benefit the region leading to enhanced opportunities for: growth and development in terms of infrastructure, transport, communication, employment generation etc. The decision is also part of the Government’s plans to boost infrastructure in key sectors for accelerating the pace of growth.
v     Cabinet approves Initial Public Offer of Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval to:
a)      Issue 13,90,00,000 fresh equity shares of Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) of Rs.10 each to the public on book-building basis through the Initial Public Offerings (IPO);
b)      Issue shares to retail investors and IREDA employees at a discount of 5% on the issue price of each equity share on book-building basis, with cap of 0.5% on equity post issue for Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) employees and the allocation to retail investors in the net offer will not be less than 35%, as per the ICDR, 2009.However, the number of shares proposed to be issued to employees and retail investors will be finalized in consultation with the lead managers and as per the SEBI regulations and
c)       Conduct book building process for the said IPO by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)/ IREDA through Book Running Lead Manager (BRLM) as per the guidelines of Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) and as per guidance of the Inter-Ministerial Group.
The Public issue of equity will enable IREDA to increase its equity base which will help them raise more debt resources for funding RE projects. Such public issue will also enable it to unlock its true value and increase its visibility in domestic and international financial markets.  IREDA, being the premier institution for RE Sector, will be required to raise equity funds to leverage loan financing for RE Sector. IREDA has to cater to the increasing needs of the sector to sustain its contribution to the Renewable Energy Sector. Government of India has scaled-up the RE targets to 175 GW by the year 2022. To achieve this ambitious target, substantial investments in RE sector will be required.
v     Cabinet approves development of four laning from end of Pandoh bypass to Takoli section of National Highway (NH) – 21 in Himachal Pradesh
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its approval for development of four laning from ‘end of Pandoh Bypass to Takoli’ section of National Highway (NH)-21 in Himachal Pradesh. The cost is estimated to be Rs.2775.93 crore including cost of land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation and other pre-construction activities. The total length of the road to be developed is approximately 19 kms. This work will be done under National Highways Development Project (NHDP) Phase IV B on Hybrid Annuity Mode.The project will help in expediting the improvement of infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh and in reducing the time and cost of travel for traffic, particularly heavy traffic, plying between ‘end of Pandoh Bypass to Takoli’ section. The development of this stretch will also help in uplifting the socio-economic condition of this region in the State. It would also increase employment potential for local labourers for project activities. It has been estimated that a total number of 4,076 mandays are required for construction of one kilometre of highway. As such, employment potential of 77,000 (approx.) mandays will be generated locally during the construction period of this stretch.
v     Cabinet approves Agreement between India and Somalia on transfer of sentenced persons 
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval for signing and subsequent ratification of the Agreement on Transfer of sentenced persons between Indi and Somalia. Signing the Agreement withSomalia shall facilitate the Indian prisoners imprisoned in Somalia or vice-versa to be near to their families, for serving remaining part of their sentence and shall facilitate their social rehabilitation. The Government of India has signed bilateral Agreements on Transfer of Sentenced Persons with United Kingdom, Mauritius, Bulgaria, France, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Brazil, Israel, Bosnia & Herzegovina, UAE, Italy, Turkey, Maldives, Thailand, Russian Federation, Kuwait, Vietnam, Australia, Hong Kong, Qatar, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain and Estonia.Phd
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Balaji Motion Pictures cordially invites you to attend the Press Conference & to share with you the uniqueness of their latest film


To be addressed by:
  • Diljit Dosanjh
  • Sonam Bajwa (Actress, Manje Bistre fame)

Time: 2:30 pm
Date: 8th June 2017 (Thursday)
Venue: PVR Plaza, CP

You are requested to send correspondents/ photographers/ camera crew for the Press Conference.
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A European Defence Fund: €5.5 billion per year to boost Europe’s defence capabilities
Today the Commission is launching a European Defence Fund to help Member States spend taxpayer money more efficiently, reduce duplications in spending, and get better value for money. Announced by President Juncker in September 2016, and backed by the European Council in December 2016, the Fund will coordinate, supplement and amplify national investments in defence research, in the development of prototypes and in the acquisition of defence equipment and technology
Brussels, 7 June 2017
Today the Commission is launching a European Defence Fund to help Member States spend taxpayer money more efficiently, reduce duplications in spending, and get better value for money. Announced by President Juncker in September 2016, and backed by the European Council in December 2016, the Fund will coordinate, supplement and amplify national investments in defence research, in the development of prototypes and in the acquisition of defence equipment and technology.
Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness Jyrki Katainen said: “People across Europe are worried about their and their children’s security. Complementing our cooperation with NATO, we need to do more and better ourselves. Today we are showing that we walk the talk. The Fund will act as a catalyst for a strong European defence industry which develops cutting-edge, fully interoperable technologies and equipment. Member States will remain in the driving seat, get better value for their money – and ultimately see their influence increased.”
Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, responsible for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, added: “Europe must become a security providerThe Fund will support collaborative research in defence and the joint development of defence capabilities. It will therefore be a game-changer for the EU’s strategic autonomy and the competitiveness of Europe’s defence industry— including the many SMEs and mid-cap companies forming the European defence supply chain.
The European Defence Fund has two strands:
  • Research: The research aspect of the Fund is already delivering. Starting in 2017, the EU will for the first time offer grants for collaborative research in innovative defence technologies and products, fully and directly funded from the EU budget. Projects eligible for EU funding will focus on priority areas previously agreed by Member States, and could typically include electronics, metamaterials, encrypted software or robotics. This will be financed with:
    • €90 million until the end of 2019, with €25 million allocated for 2017. A call for proposals is being launched today for projects in the areas of unmanned systems in a naval environment and soldiers systems. The signature of the first grant agreements is expected by the end of this year.
    • €500 million per year after 2020In 2018, the Commission will propose a dedicated EU defence research programme with an estimated annual budget of €500 million making the EU one of the biggest defence research investors in Europe.
  • Development and acquisition: The Fund will create incentives for Member States to cooperate on joint development and the acquisition of defence equipment and technology through co-financing from the EU budget and practical support from the Commission. Member States may for example jointly invest in developing drone technology or satellite communication, or bulk buy helicopters to reduce costs. Only collaborative projects will be eligible, and a proportion of the overall budget will be earmarked for projects involving cross-border participation of SMEs. The EU will offer co-financing with:
    • €500 million in total for 2019 and 2020, under a dedicated defence and industrial development programme proposed today.
    • €1 billion per year after 2020. A more substantial programme will be prepared for post-2020, with an estimated annual budget of €1 billion. The programme will leverage national financing with an expected multiplying effect of 5. It could therefore generate a total investment in defence capability development of €5 billion per year after 2020.
An ambitious European Defence Fund will contribute to a European Union that protects and defends its citizens, complementing other ongoing work strands, namely the Global Strategy’s Implementation Plan on Security and Defence, which sets out a new level of ambition for the Union and identifies actions to fulfil it, as well as with the implementation of the EU-NATO Joint Declaration signed by the President of the European Council, the President of the Commission and the Secretary-General of NATO.
With the support of the European Parliament and Member States, the European Defence Fund can quickly become the engine powering the development of the European Security and Defence Union that citizens expect.
Looking ahead, and following the Commission’s White Paper on the Future of Europe, today the Commission is also publishing a reflection paper to launch a public debate on how the EU at 27 might develop by 2025 in the area of defence.
In his political guidelines in June 2014, European Commission President Juncker made strengthening European citizens’ security a priority. President Juncker announced the creation of a European Defence Fund in his 2016 State of the Union address.
There is a strong economic case for greater cooperation on defence spending amongst EU countries. The lack of cooperation between Member States in the field of defence and security is estimated to cost annually between €25 billion and €100 billion. 80% of procurement and more than 90% of Research and Technology are run on a national basis. Up to 30% of annual defence expenditures could be saved through pooling of procurement.
The fragmented approach when it comes to defence also leads to unnecessary duplication and affects the deployability of defence forces. There are 178 different weapon systems in the EU, compared to 30 in the US. There are 17 different types of main battle tanks in the EU and only one in the US. There are more helicopter producers in Europe than governments able to buy them.
On 30 November 2016, the Commission presented the European Defence Action Plan, which outlined how a European Defence Fund and other actions can support Member States’ more efficient spending in joint defence capabilities, strengthen European citizens’ security and foster a competitive and innovative industrial base. The initiative was welcomed by EU leaders during the European Council meetings in December 2016 and March 2017 and the Commission was given a mandate to present the proposals it is presenting today.
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19 hrs · 
सुधीर चौधरियों और रवीश कुमारों की बातों पर भरोसा मत करिए. ये पेड लोग हैं. ये दोनों अपने-अपने मालिकों के धंधों को बचाने-बढ़ाने के लिए वैचारिक उछल कूद करते हुए आपको बरगलाएंगे, भरमाएंगे, डराएंगे, अपने पक्ष में खड़े होने के लिए उकसाएंगे और इसके लिए देर तक व दूर तक ब्रेन वाश करते चलते जाएंगे…
रवीश कुमार को हर पत्रकार डरपोक दिखने लगा है. उन्हें दिल्ली में डर लगने लगा है. हर किसी का फोन टेप होता दिखने लगा है…लोकतंत्र में सारा सत्यानाश हुआ दिख रहा है…ये दौर भाजपा राज का है सो एनडीटीवी को अंधेरा ही अंधेरा दिख रहा है और रवीश कुमार सुर ताल भिड़ाकर गाने में जुटे हैं- ”अंधेरे में जो बैठे हैं, नजर हम पर भी तुम डालो…. अरे ओ रोशनी वालों…”
कुछ ऐसा ही हाल तब जी ग्रुप का था, जब कांग्रेस राज में उगाही के मामले में सुधीर चौधरी उठाकर जेल भेज दिए गए थे और सुभाष चंद्रा प्राण बचाए भागते फिर रहे थे. तब जी न्यूज को सब कुछ खराब होता हुआ, हर ओर अराजकता की स्थिति, अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी का गला घुटा हुआ, आपातकाल सरीखा माहौल दिख रहा था… तबके जी न्यूज के एंकर सुर ताल भिड़ाकर कुछ वैसा ही गीत गाए बकबकाए जा रहे थे.
दोस्तों, भारत अदभुत देश है. यहां कोई मोदी आए या कोई मनमोहन, जनता को बहुत फरक नहीं पड़ता. भारत वाले बहुत संतोषी और मस्त जीव हैं. जब हम सब अंग्रेज को सौ साल तक झेल गए जो कि बाहरी और विदेशी थे, फिर ये मनमोहन, मोदी तो अपने ही देश के हैं. मनमोहन ने क्या बना-बिगाड़ दिया था और मोदी ने क्या रच-उखाड़ लिया है…तब भी अंबानी बिरला लूट रहे थे, सत्ता के प्रिय बने हुए थे… आज भी अंबानी अडानी बिरला सब लूट रहे हैं, सत्ता के प्रिय बने हुए हैं… तब भी जो ‘अप्रिय’ थे उन्हें ठीक करने के लिए ढेर सारे सरकारी कुकर्म किए जाते थे, आज भी जो ‘अप्रिय’ हैं, उनकी हंटिंग होती रहेगी…
कांग्रेस के जमाने में जो आर्थिक नीति थी, वही भाजपा के जमाने में है बल्कि भाजपा वाले कांग्रेस से कुछ ज्यादा स्पीड से उनकी सारी पालिसिज लागू कर रहे हैं.. जीएसटी से लेकर फारेन इनवेस्टमेंट और प्राइवेटाइजेशन को देख लीजिए… इसलिए उनके नाम पर डराकर इनके पाले में करने का खेल वही नहीं समझेगा जो वाकई दिमाग से पैदल होगा…
धर्म जाति की पालिटिक्स हर वक्त थी. 1857 की क्रांति से लेकर किसान विद्रोहों तक में धर्म जाति के आधार पर गोलबंदियां की गई थीं. आजादी के इतने सालों बाद भी गोलबंदियां इसी आधार पर होती रही हैं. कांग्रेस वाले धर्म-जाति-क्रांति आदि के समस्त पैकेज का इस्तेमाल रणनीतिक तौर पर समय व माहौल देखकर करते रहते हैं, बिलकुल ‘निर्दोष’ अंदाज में.. पर भाजपाई और अन्य पार्टियां वही काम खुलकर ‘भदेस’ तरीके से कर रही हैं..
जनता चेतनासंपन्न होती जाएगी तो उनके सोचने विचारने और वोट देने का पैर्टन बदलता जाएगा. इसमें कोई घबड़ाने वाली बात नहीं है. हम मनुष्य आज जहां तक पहुंचे हैं, वहां तक किसी पैराशूट से हमें नहीं लाया गया है बल्कि हम क्रमिक विकास और इवोल्यूशन की हजारों लाखों करोड़ों साल की यात्रा करके आए हैं… ये यात्रा जारी है और सब कुछ बेहतर होगा, ये उम्मीद करते रहना चाहिए…
जो लोग भाजपा से डराकर हमको आपको कांग्रेस के पक्ष में गोलबंद करना चाहते हैें उनको बताना चाहता हूं कि कांग्रेस ने सबसे ज्यादा कम्युनिस्ट नौजवान अपने राजकाज के दौरान मरवाए हैं. वो चाहे पश्चिम बंगाल में नक्सलबाड़ी आंदोलन को कुचलने का काम रहा हो या पूरे देश में कांग्रेसियों द्वारा चलाए गए नक्सल-कम्युनिस्ट विरोधी अभियान के जरिए बड़े पैमाने पर छात्रों, किसानों-मजदूरों का सफाया करवाना रहा हो.
इसी कांग्रेस ने लाखों सिखों का कत्लेआम पूरे देश में अपने नेताओं के नेतृत्व में कराए. सारे पाप इन कांग्रेसियों ने कराए और सिखाए हैं. इसलिए भाजपा का डर दिखाकर आपको जिनके पक्ष के सपने दिखाए जा रहे हैं, जिनके पक्ष में हमें गोलबंद करने को उत्तेजित-उत्प्रेरित किया जा रहा है, वे ज्यादा बड़े पापी हैं. भाजपा वाले तो बड़े पापियों से थोड़ा बहुत सबक सीखकर आए हैं और इसका समय समय पर नौसिखियों की तरह इस्तेमाल कर रहे हैं, और इस प्रक्रिया में पकड़े भी जा रहे हैं. कांग्रेस के जमाने में भी सीबीआई का रोजाना गलत व मनमाफिक इस्तेमाल होता था, आज भाजपा के राज में भी हो रहा है. सत्ता में आपने पर सबका चरित्र एक-सा हो जाता है, इसे समझ लीजिए क्योंकि सत्ता खुद में एक संस्था होती है जो सबसे ज्यादा मजबूत और सबसे ज्यादा संगठित होती है. सत्ता में भाजपाई आएं या कांग्रेसी या कम्युनिस्ट या सपाई या बसपाई या कोई और… सबकी कार्यशैली अंतत: सत्ता परस्ती वाली यानि बड़े लोगों के पक्षधर वाली हो जाती है… जनता तो बेचारी जनता ही बनी रहती है, थोड़ी कम, थोड़ी ज्यादा… वो अपने मित्र जेपी त्रिपाठी एक जगह लिखते हैं न- ”बाबू हुए तुम, राजा हुए तुम, आदमी बेचारे के बेचारे हुए हम…”
भाजपा, कांग्रेस, सपा, बसपा आदि इत्यादि ढेरों पार्टियां जो हैं.. .ये सब पावर की लालची हैं, सत्ता की लालची हैं, पैसे की लालची हैं, पूंजीपरस्त हैं, झूठे और मक्कार हैं. जनविरोधी हैं… ब्लैकमनी के केंद्र हैं… हरामीपने और उपद्रव की कुंजी हैं… इनके चक्कर में न फंसिए. इन पार्टियों ने अब अपने अपने टीवी चैनल गढ़ लिए हैं. जो सत्ता मेंं होता है, उसकी तरफ मीडिया परस्ती ज्यादा होती है, उसकी तरफ न्यूज चैनल ज्यादा झुके रहते हैं. जैसे सूरज की तरफ सारे फूल पौधे और वनस्पतियां झुकी होती हैं. रीयल जर्नलिज्म अगर कोई कर रहा है तो वह सोशल मीडिया मे थोडा बहुत हो रहा है, वेबसाइटों और ब्लागों के जरिए थोड़ा बहुत हो रहा है. ये बाजारू मीडिया वाले, ये एनडीटीवी और जी न्यूज वाले तो बस टर्नओवर जोड़ रहे हैं, फायदे देख रहे हैं…
चिदंबरम की गोद में बैठकर जब प्रणय राय टूजी स्कैम के पैसे के ब्लैक से ह्वाइट कर रहे थे तो रवीश कुमार को दिल्ली में घना अंधेरा नहीं दिख रहा था… जब एनडीटीवी और चिदंबरम के स्कैम को उजागर करने वाले ईमानदार आईआरएस अधिकारी एसके श्रीवास्तव को पागलखाने भिजवा गया था तो रवीश कुमार की संवेदना नहीं थरथराई और उनको मनुष्यता व लोकतंत्र के लिए एक भयावह दौर नहीं दिखा. अब जब उनके मालिक की चमड़ी उनके काले कारनामों के चलते उधेड़ी जा रही है तो उन्हें सारी नैतिकता और दुनिया भर के सारे आदर्श याद आने लगे हैं… उनका बस चैनल की स्क्रीन पर फूट फूट कर रोना ही बाकी रह गया है..
अरे भइये रवीश कुमार, तू अपनी सेलरी भर पूरा पैसा वसूल एक्टिंग कर ले रहा है… उसके बाद आराम से रह.. चिल्ल कर… एक्टर वैसे भी दिल पर नहीं लेते… रोल खत्म, पैसा हजम… उसके बाद घर परिवार और मस्ती…इस अदभुत देश को और यहां की फक्कड़ जनता को कुछ नहीं होने जा रहा… बहुत आए गए शक हूण कुषाण मुगल अंग्रेज और ढेरों आक्रांता… देश नहीं मरा न मरेगा… आप कृपा करके एनडीटीवी के शेयरों का भाव डबल दिखाकर बैंक को चूतिया बनाकर कर्ज लेने के फर्जीवाड़े की सच्चाई पर एक प्राइम टाइम डिबेट करिए जिसमें बैंक के प्रतिनिधि समेत सभी पक्षों को लाकर स्टूडियो में बैठाइए बुलाइए और दूध का दूध पानी पानी कर दीजिए… आप जरा एनडीटीवी-चिदंबरम के सौजन्य से पागलखाने भिजवाए गए आईआरएस अधिकारी एसके श्रीवास्तव को भी बुला लीजिएगा पैनल में जो सुना देंगे आपके एनडीटीवी चैनल और इसके मालिक प्रणय राय की चोरी की 100 कहानियां…
रवीश जी, युवाओं को भरमाना छोड़िए… सच्ची पत्रकारिता का नाटक बंद करिए… हां, पेट पालने के लिए आपको सेलरी की जरूरत पड़ती है और प्रणय राय को एक ऐसे एंकर की जरूरत पड़ती है जो उनको डिफेंड कर सके तो आप दोनों की जोड़ी ‘जेनुइन’ है, उसी तरह जैसे सुधीर चौधरी और सुभाष चंद्रा की है. कांग्रेस राज में जिस तरह संघिये सब डराते थे कि जल्द ही भारत में कांग्रेस के सहयोग से मुस्लिम राज आने वाला है, उसी तरह भाजपा के राज में एनडीटीवी वाले डरा रहे हैं कि बस सब कुछ खत्म होने वाला है क्योंकि मोदिया अब सबका गला ही घोंटने वाला है…
अरे यार बस करो… इतना भी हांका चांपा न करो… प्रणय राय की थोड़ी पोल क्या खुल गई, थोड़ी चड्ढी क्या सरका दी गई, आप तो अपने करियर का ‘द बेस्ट’ देने पर उतारू हो गए… पोलैंड से लेकर न्यूयार्क टाइम्स और ट्रंप से लेकर प्रेस कार्प की नैतिकता के पत्र के जरिए प्रणय राय को दूध से नहलाकर पवित्र कहने को मजबूर करने लगे….
हम लोगों को यकीन है कि जितनी चिरकुटई कांग्रेस शासन के राज मेंं हुई, उससे काम ही भाजपा के राज में होगी क्योकि भाजपाइयों को अभी संपूर्ण कांग्रेसी चिरकुटई सीखने में वक्त लगेगा… हां, ये पता है कि दोनों ही पूंजीपतियों को संरक्षण देकर और उनसे आश्वस्ति पाकर राज करते हैं इसलिए इनके शासनकालों में जनता का बहुत भला न होने वाला है.. और, जनता बहुत बुरे में भी या तो मस्त रहती है या फिर मारपीट करती है या फिर सुसाइड कर लेती है. उसे अपने रास्ते पता हैं… उसके लिए नए रास्ते न तो आपके प्राइम टाइम लेक्चर से खुल सकते हैं और न ही मोदी जी के ‘देश बदल रहा है’ के जुमलों से…
रवीश भाई और सुधीर चौधरी जी, लगे रहिए… आप दोनों को देखकर यकीन होने लगा है कि एक कांग्रेस और दूसरा भाजपा का प्रवक्ता कितना दम लगाकर और कितना क्रिएटिव होकर काम कर रहे हैं… बस इतना कहना चाहूंगा कि ये देश इस छोर या उस छोर पर नहीं जीता है और न जीता रहा है… इस देश का अदभुत मिजाज है… वह कोई नृप होए हमें का हानि की तर्ज पर अपने अंदाज में अपनी शैली में जीवित रहा है और जीवित रहेगा.. पहाड़ से लेकर मैदान तक और रेगिस्तान से लेकर समुद्र तटीय इलाकों तक में फैले इस देश में अंधेरा लाने की औकात न किसी मोदी में है और न किसी मनमोहन में हो सकी…
फेसबुक के साथियों से कहना चाहूंगा कि इस छोर या उस छोर की राजनीति-मीडियाबाजी से बचें.. दोनों छोर बुरे हैं… दोनों निहित स्वार्थी और जनविरोधी हैं.. सारा खेल बाजारू है और इसके उपभोक्ता हमकों आपको बनाया जा रहा है, जबरन… आप रिएक्ट न करें.. आप मस्त रहें… जीवन में राजनीति-मीडिया के अलावा ढेर सारा कुछ है लिखने करने पढ़ने देखने को… इस भयानक गर्मी में जाइए घूम आइए पहाड़… चढ़ जाइए हिमालय की उंचाई और अपनी आत्मा तक को पवित्र और मस्त कर आइए… देह के पार देख आइए और रुह संग बतिया आइए… ये रवीश कुमार और सुधीर चौधरी तो लाखों रुपये लेता है, जैसा मालिक कहता है, वैसा स्क्रिप्ट पढ़ता है… एक का मालिक कांग्रेस के गोद में बैठा रहता है, दूसरे का भाजपा की गोद में… इनके चक्कर में अपनी नींद, उर्जा और धैर्य बर्बाद न करिए… जाइए, हिमाचल उत्तराखंड आपको बुला रहा है… किसी जाती हुई सामान्य सी सरकारी बस पर बैठ जाइए और चार पांच सौ रुपये में पहाड़ की बर्फ से ढकी चादर को हिला आइए…
जाइए अपनी जिंदगी जी आइए और भटक मरने से बच जाइए…. ध्यान रखिएगा, सारा प्रपंच यह तंत्र आपको भटकाने और मुर्दा बनाने के लिए रचता है… ताकि आपका खून पीकर वह अपने को अमर रख सके…
वो कहते हैं न कबीर… साधो ये मुर्दों का गांंव… और ये भी कि… भटक मरे न कोई….
तो दोस्तों, मुर्दों से दिल लगाना बंद कर दीजिए और भटक मरने से बचने की तरकीब ढूंढने में लग जाइए… शायद जीवन का मतलब मकसद समझ में आ जाए…
Sudhir Chaudhariyōṁ and ravish talks not trust worthy . These are paid people. These two would go to the ideological of their own owners to raise their own callings, bharamā’ēṅgē, ḍarā’ēṅgē, ḍarā’ēṅgē, create fear, put you in dark,for standing in your side and for it until long and far brain wash…
Ravish Kumar now seen every journalist a coward. He frames,He felt afraid to be in Delhi. Everyone has been looking for the phone tape… democracy is looking in the democracy… this round bjp raj is dark and ravish kumar sur sur sing  songs. ‘ who are sitting in the dark, you look at us…. hey o lights… ”
There was a recent group, when the Congress was sent to the Congress in the case of collect and subhas Chandra’s souls. Then the news of the news was all bad, in every side of chaos, a emergency of freedom of expression, an emergency was looking for a atmosphere. .
Friends, India is a great country. There is no modi, or no manmohan, the public. India is very santoshi and cool creatures. When we were all that the Englishman had been to a hundred years, and then, Modi, Modi is their own country. What was the manmohan of the manmohan, and Modi was rach… even the ambani was robbed by birla… Today Ambani Adani is all looting, the beloved of power. There are many officials who were to fix them, even today, there will be their hunting…
In The Congress, he is in the life of the Congress, he is in the world of the BJP, but with a few more speed from the BJP Congress… So investment and prā’ivēṭā’ijēśana. But the game of scare will not be able to be a man who will be walking out of mind…
The Pāliṭiksa of religion was every time. From The Revolution of the 1857 Revolution, the peasant was gōlabandiyāṁ in the basis of religion. After the freedom of freedom, there are many years on the same basis. The Congress of the Congress-Lrb– RRB-and the entire package of the Congress-Caste-Revolution, and the other parties are doing the same thing..
The public will be cētanāsampanna, and will change their votes. It is not a single thing that is not a single thing. We are not brought to man where we arrived today, no one has been brought to us from a parachutes and many millions of evolution… these journey continues and hope everything will be better Must stay…
Those who want to tell us to gōlabanda from the BJP, he wants to tell them that the congress has the most communist youth during his own state. He will be working on the west movement in West Bengal or in the whole country by Congressmen of the naxal-Anti-Communist campaign, to be eliminated by the anti-Communist campaign.
This Congress has led millions of Sikhs in the entire country in the entire country. All the sins of these congressmen are teach and teach. So the BJP’s fear of the BJP will be shown to the dreams of the side of the side of the side of the side of the side of the side, they are the big sinner. The BJP is a little lesson from the big sinners, and it is also going on time, and are also going to be caught in the process. In the state of the Congress, there was also a bad and necessarily used in the BJP in the rule of the BJP. In Power, your character is one of your character, because there is a body which is the most strong and most organised. In Power BJP or Congress or communist or basapā’ī or no or no more…. All the circumstances are favor, the people of the big people. Too much… she writes your friend jp tripathi a place, you are the king of the poor, the man of poor us… ”
The BJP, Congress, SP, bsp etc etc… All these power are greedy, greedy, the money are greedy, liars, false and insidious. Down… the center of blaikamanī are the key… Harāmīpanē and sedition are the key… not phansi’ē in their rounds. These parties are now for their own tv channel. It is more important to him who is in power, and the news channel. As the sun and the flowers are lowered in the sun. Real Jarnalijma if someone is doing a bit of social media, getting a little lot through websites and blāgōṁ. These bājārū media, these ndtv and zee news are only adding turnovers, looking for pros…
Sitting in Chidambaram’s lap when pranay Roy was doing white of money scam, Ravish Kumar was not looking dark in Delhi… when the NDTV OF NDTV AND CHIDAMBARAM. The Lunatic was elmasry, ravish kumar is not a frightening round of tharatharā’ī and democracy. Now when their Lord’s skin is going to be udhēṛī with their black deeds, all the ideals and all the ideals of the world… they are just left to cry on the screen of the channel..
Hey bha’iyē ravish kumar, you are acting up your salary full money… after her rest.. the chills… actor is not even on the heart… roll over, money suck… After her home family and fun… this awesome country and the people of here are not going to be a few… very shakas mughal mughal and many the… not dead… you will not die… By Grace, it would be a prime time debate on the truth to make a prime time to make a prime time by the bank of the bank, including and milk milk water in the studio. Just a 100 stories from NDTV-Chidambaram Officer Officer Officer Officer Officer Panel Panel in the līji’ēgā panel, who will hear from your NDTV channel and her owner of pranay rai…
Ravish ji, stop the young people…………. Yes, you need salary for a salary and pranay. The pair of ‘ Jēnu’ina ‘ is, like sudhir chaudhary and Subhash Chandra. In The Congress Raj, he was afraid of the Congress in India, as soon as the Congress’s cooperation in India, there are only a few of the BJP who is all over the end of the BJP. Gonna be…
Hey dude just don’t… so hāṅkā cāmpā… Pranay Roy’s a little poll, a little caḍḍhī, you have been utārū on the best ‘ giving of your career… Poland From The New York times and from trump with the morality of the ethics of carp,, to say the holy language of the morality.
We believe that as the congress rule in the rule of the Congress, it will be in the rule of the BJP, because the whole Congress will take a time to learn the entire congress. They do not want to be a lot of people in their own śāsanakālōṁ. and the public is too cool or assaulting or suicide. Let him know his way… new way for him can open your prime time lecture and not modi’S COUNTRY’s ‘ country ‘…
Ravish bhai and sudhir chaudhary ji, stay tuned… you are sure that a congress and another BJP spokesman how much and how creative are working… this country just would like to say this The end or not on that side is not won… this country’s awesome mood… he is living in his style in his style and will live on the lines of the harm of us.. From the mountains, and from the desert, in this country, there is no power to bring it into the country, nor could he be in a manmohan…
I’d like to say from Facebook friends, or avoid the politics of that side.. both the side are bad… both lies are selfish and down.. all game is bājārū and its consumer hamakōṁ , forced… don’t you ri’ēkṭa.. you stay cool… in life to read to write lots of politics.. Come on this horrible summer go mountains… climb Come on the height of the Himalayas and come to your soul… come across the body and come across the spirit.. This is ravish kumar and sudhir choudhary, as the owner says, as the owner reads. … one of the owner of the Congress is sitting in the lap of the Congress, in the lap of the other of the BJP… do not waste their sleep, energy and patience.. Go, Himachal Pradesh is calling you… Go on normal government just sit down and shake the mountains in four five hundred bucks…
Go get your life and escape from death…. attention rakhi’ēgā, Sarah Delusion this system is racatā to make you a distract and dead… so that your blood can keep him immortal…
They say not kabir… Sādhō these dead… and that… don’t die….
So friends, stop making a heart from the dead and try to escape from death… maybe life means the aim of life…
Edit"Dissecting media mind"


Britain must work with other countries to cut funding for terrorism, whether it’s provided with the knowledge of governments or not, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Tuesday. Asked by a journalist about a government report which local media say focuses on the role of Saudi Arabia in terrorism funding, Johnson said he could not comment on the confidential document. However, he went on to say about “the role of other countries, governments or not, in funding, wittingly or not, funding groups that are… responsible for terrorism and in funding mosques where all sorts of hateful nonsense is being spouted,”Reuters reported. “We of course need to focus on that. But that should in no way exculpate the people who have done this, the criminals, the scumbags who are responsible for terrorist atrocities in our country,” Johnson added. Media agencies

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