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Union Minister Vijay Goel and Cricketer Gautam Gambhir told the importance of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle at Fit India Conclave

New Delhi, Vijay Goel (Union Minister, youth and sports, Govt. Of India) and cricketer Gautam Gambhir told about the importance of nutrition in our lives, discussions about the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle in the FITINDIA Conclave.
On this occasion, Union Minister Vijay Goel said that today many citizens of our country need to be aware of fitness. Ministry is constantly trying for it. I am going to give a slogan to the country “Stay Fit India”. If we educate the citizens of the nation about the fitness, then the country will be the most prosperous. Mr. Goel also said that soon there will be a law in the country regarding nutrition which is going to stop doping in our country. In addition, Goel also said that we get the maximum number of players from Villages, Slum and backward areas. Being fit For Delhi; we will soon be organizing rural games in whole of Delhi.
Vijay Goel also highlighted the yoga as well. Mr. Goel said that Yoga is very important for physical and mental development & Nutrition has a very big role in this development.
At FIT INDIA Conclave, Gautam Gambhir, the player of the Indian cricket team, said, “What we eat, it makes a different role in our lives.” Nutrition is a big part of my career in cricket. The right nutrition makes a lot of difference to our health. If you have a Trained Fitness Trainer then your chances of getting sick are greatly reduced. During the Fit India conclave organised by Glanbia, Mr. Avik Sanyal, Country Head of Glanbia, said that there is a great need to make India’s people aware about the fit for which we will work together with the government in people’s health related programs. On this occasion, Mr. Sam Bedi, Regional Director of Glanbia said that we are organizing Fit India program under our corporate social responsibility in other cities of the country, In which the importance of nutrition for the people to be healthy is being explained, Which aims to keep people healthy and to protect themselves from diseases.



Well known for his distinctive lyrics, live poetry and electric performances the prominent singer Babbu Maan is back. His latest song “Baarish Ke Bahane” seems like a perfect pick for all in this monsoon. The song is the outcome of the collaboration of Babbu Maan, Dj Sheizwood and Shweta Khanduri who are totally rocking in it.
The song that was launched a couple of weeks ago on YouTube and other music platforms has become a massive rage and is being heard on loop among the youth. The song has already created a buzz out there.
The only music producer and DJ of India who has produced and remixed more than 101 rocking music albums in just 7 years have made a comeback through this song. The specialized DJ who introduced house music in India on being asked about to comment on actors who sing said, “People should do the job that they are meant to do. They should not do other’s job.” When asked about the experience while working with Shweta he said, “We extremely loved working with her and looking forward to working with her more in near future.”
The actress Shweta Khanduri who is prominent in this latest hit on being asked about her future collaborations said, “You’ll next see me in a comedy film soon but I can’t reveal the name for now.”
The song “Baarish Ke Bahane” can be clearly seen adding to that glory and fun of monsoon as people are loving it. Watch the song to feel the spirit of rain and add to the excitement of this rainy season.
Edit"Babbu Maan the winner of four World Music Awards is back with another hit"



Wunderbar Films cordially invites you to attend the Press Conference & to share with you the uniqueness of their latest film

‘VIP 2’
(Velaiilla Pattadhari 2)

To be addressed by:
  • Kajol
  • Dhanush
  • Soundarya Rajnikanth (Director)

Time: 12:30 pm
Date: 24th July 2017 (Monday)
Venue: PVR Plaza, H Block, CP

You are requested to send correspondents/ photographers/ camera crew for the Press Conference.
Edit"Press Conference of the latest film ‘VIP 2’"

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